“Being the General Insurer with the highest rating on Facebook in Sri Lanka and holding an industry-leading world-class Net Promoter Score, is a testament to how we have successfully maintained trust and loyalty with our customers”, says the Head of Customer Experience at Fairfirst, Rasika Perera, further confirming their uppermost priorities at Fairfirst is to provide excellent customer service. Fairfirst brands their Customer Call Centre in the name of  ‘Nerve Centre’, attributing to their priceless dedication to the Call Centre workforce, visualizing themselves in the shoes of their absolute customers. This perceptivity and human involvement in answering calls to provide solutions to the endless needs have left 85% of their clients satisfied within their first call.  

According to Rasika, the customer experience team ensures their customers are treated with empathy. Furthermore, transparency and authenticity have led them forward in guiding their clients with honest and reliable information. Fairfirst also stands socially responsible for their clients as well as the society surrounding them!