Elaborating further on their customer service, Harindra Perera, the Head of Claims at Fairfirst, expounds on their benchmark validations in Service Standards.“To provide fair and fast services, we use the Net Promoter Score metric to gauge customers’ loyalty to a company”, Harindra states. Furthermore, “We maintain a triumphant NPS score in the mid-70s, which is ranked parallel to the global standards”, making Fairfirst one of the fastest-growing insurers in Sri Lanka. 

Harindra also highlights the unbounded freedom offered to their policyholders; freedom to pick a garage for vehicle repairs, hospitals for health-related matters, cash payment services directing cash to your wallet and other diverse contactless services. With this hassle-free customer experience, Fairfirst holds a statement of speedy services,“settling over 3300 motor claims within an hour and over 5100 motor claims within a day, resulting in an approximate total of 38,000 motor claims worth 1.7Bn rupees”.