Sasith Bambaradeniya, the CMO of Fairfirst Insurance, accentuates the importance of  ‘empathy’ as a critical pillar of their brand promise. He says, “To understand users, challenge assumptions, to redefine problems and create innovative solutions, to prototype and to test, we improvise the principles of Design Thinking – a non-linear, iterative process, to ensure we lead with empathy”. He also believes that this approach has grounded a solid possibility for running agile amidst the revolving transformations. In addition, services like ‘Contactless Insurance’ has framed Fairfirst as the sole insurer offering e-commerce in terms of insurance browsing and real-time user onboarding along with novel experiences through an e-specific A-la-carte product suite. 

Appreciating innovation through a pragmatic lens, Sasith emphasizes their versatile team, propagating a dedicated Innovation Council to sculpt their ideas and developments into well-established products, paving paths for their customers to gratify their demands. Amidst a traumatic pandemic, Fairfirst constantly understands ‘people and their changes during a time of crises’, planning their communications via a proactive approach. Their empathy-led initiative has earned Fairfirst some impressive recognitions like the “Best General Insurance Brand – Sri Lanka” by The Global Brands Magazine Awards 2021 and Silver in “Best Digital Marketing Innovation” across all sectors at SLIM Digis 2020. Surpassing their achievements, Fairfirst was victorious to hold one of the strongest Brand Equity Scores in the BFSI Sector.