Fairfirst Insurance shares a compassionate bond with their clients replenishing insurance with the most altruistic insurance policies. Marking its emergence back in 2016, Fairfirst combined the strengths of Union Assurance General Insurance and Asian Alliance General Insurance to align an array of insurance options to facilitate the demands and services, specializing in insurance, reinsurance, and investment management within the country. Navigating the insurance industry towards a fresh perspective, Sandeep Gopal, the Chief Executive Officer of Fairfirst Insurance, alongside a monumental team of insurance experts, shares a fragment of their contribution towards the #FairfirstWay and their experience amidst pandemics. 

Being Empathetic,  Authentic,  Transparent & Socially Responsible, Fairfirst was ready to face the torments of the pandemic. According to Sandeep, one primary strategy implemented during the pandemic was “To ensure a proactive empathy-led communication approach with our internal and external stakeholders by utilizing all available communication channels and inventing new channels”. In addition, he emphasizes the first trilingual online advisory platform introduced to deliver 360° of pouring insights and preventive measures during the pandemic. 

Fairfirst approached the new normal by embracing its fundamentals. Sandeep explains, “we view the world through the eyes of the people we work with and innovate for their realities”. Fairfirst trains its workforce to provide global-benchmarked services amidst pandemics as a company driven by acceptable quality and service. Sandeep explains their clients’ three most focused elements during the excruciating pandemic period; health, well-being, and human capital development. Alongside the determination and support of their employees, Sandeep believes that Fairfirst can conquer their future enablement arranged for their clients; “Engaging in continuous and sensible technology infusion, whilst the will to embrace technology, we have explored and rolled out several technological initiatives in the domains of Artificial Intelligence, Machine Learning, Big Data and Predictive Analytics”. Their attention to funnel their innovations through a “Design Thinking” focused development process, is one of the persistent drives in Fairfirst.