The Vice President and Head of DFCC Pinnacle Banking, Branch Banking Planning & Implementation; Shera Hassen, gives us an insight into the exclusive and innovative premier banking experience. She began her career in banking soon after graduating. Qualified in Investment & Wealth planning certifications CISI UK and Islamic Retail Banking. She was formerly employed at ANZ Grindlays, Standard Chartered Bank, and later on, she served in the capacity of Assistant Vice President of Privilege Select Banking at National Development Bank. Shera Hassen was also conferred as the “Female Private Banker of the Year” by the “Global Private Banking Innovation Awards 2020” of The Digital Banker.

In a world of digitized banking and personalized wealth management services, many may be tempted to turn to exclusive banking to seek the personal touch in Private Banking. When asked why she thinks the emerging society should suit the facilities of Pinnacle Banking, she explains how given that the markets are ever-changing, and no right amount of consistency is viable, customization is a vital point focused on and has a strong correlation to customer experience. Pinnacle is a top-tier level of banking reserved for only the high net-worth individuals convoying a suitable range of benefits. Clients are given the plausibility to benefit from a wide range of wealth management services such as investments, portfolio management, family wealth management, tax advice, insurance, and estate planning. All the typical services such as checking and savings account will be provided, but the delivery is highly personalized.

Articulating of the benefits this premium level of banking institutes, Shera states clients will be assigned a dedicated relationship manager to handle their requirements and transactions. Their assistance can be called upon to pay bills or arrange a new mortgage but clients will also be able to rely on their advice for investment strategizing, financial planning, portfolio management, retirement planning, business strategy. Essentially, the relationship manager will help clients in deciding on customized solutions analyzing the profile of the client for any aspect of their financial life. One of the other key perks of being a Pinnacle Client is that they can rely on the privacy of their dealings and transactions, protecting the modesty of the customer.

Citing the offerings Pinnacle clients are entitled to, clients can expect preferential offers and pricing on interest rates, mortgages, loans, credit, fees, and overdraft charges. Based on capital market investments, DFCC Pinnacle also supports asset products as most investors look into a vast field of diversified products. Clients are offered the convenience to fit their time frames, busy schedules, complex situations, especially in light of the ongoing COVID-19 pandemic. Time isn’t significant as DFCC stands as a strong pillar in aiding their valuable clients from handling daily banking requirements to transfers, management is entirely dedicated to providing a positive customer experience with the driven concern of contributing to their client’s success.

The pinnacle banking center and available branches bring clients the convenience of having all their financial affairs managed under one roof. Nestled in the heart of Horton place; spacious, proffering a homely ambiance, the premises of this private banking center bestow their clients with aesthetically designed technologically savvy meeting rooms to suit their forums providing them confidentiality, virtual conferencing, convenient parking spots, stable internet facilities, online systems, proximity to their relationship managers gaining support and advice.

Clients are entitled to hiring board rooms as well as meeting rooms to suit their business requirements, “Time spent with their network or partner is entirely taken care of.” 

Aside from the Pinnacle center, with a growing network of 139 branches across the Island, DFCC Bank also consists of private banking hubs called the “Pinnacle Relationship Manager’s Hub” catering to high net-worth clients based on their requirements, convenience, and language preference. The network of branches continues to impressively prosper island-wide. Heavily appraising “Bank for Everyone” a pinnacle client could always parley on their plans and growth.

Shera is passionate about being in the financial markets, her business acumen in this domain is outstanding, sharpening her thinking skills in guiding her team to cater to future needs. Indicating the importance of identifying potential, she is delighted to be contributing to the financial advisory as it is all about investments and she believes in managing portfolios with an exceptional set of people to support the emerging societal trend towards personal finances and investments.

Recalling the civil war in Sri Lanka and the lasting impact it had on socio-economic and political activities. It deprived our country of many opportunities, hindering potential economic development. Since the conclusion of the war, Sri Lanka has embarked on an ambitious journey of economic expansion to regain losses incurred during the time. The civil war significantly undermined the development of the banking industry and its economic performance and widened the interest rate. It is well known that an “Asian market is a highly emerging market” and Shera strongly believes we can do the same and move forward during this Global Pandemic as Sri Lanka understands its markets and is an excellent destination for investments with better returns on investments.

Furthermore, she elucidates that client partnerships aren’t just for banking purposes, it brings forth solutions, convenience, and overall advisory. The team of professionals at DFCC Pinnacle holds a solid background of commercial banking expertise offering clients unconventional banking and other financial services such as Wealth Management and Margin trading etc. She described that her team extensively analyses their client’s portfolio to best suit their requirements and assure their journey will continue to be gratifying.

In conclusion, it is imperative that financial planning is of utmost priority, and “There is no limit to what an individual or businessman requires”. Understanding that the world is ever-changing, DFCC Pinnacle Banking is here to set forth a premier banking experience and support clients in reaching their goals and make the best out of life.