John Keells Properties, Sri Lanka’s leading Property Developer is at the forefront of innovation in the new age real estate market in Sri Lanka and stands as a pioneer that ventures on an ambitious quest to deliver the best for their clientele. Nadeem Shums proudly participates in that goal, fulfilling a requisite role as the Vice President and Head of Sales and Marketing in Property Development at John Keells Holdings PLC. The journey commenced with a summer internship at John Keells as an undergraduate.

The learning experience from the organization loomed with diversified and strategic strings of support immensely complimented the firm fabrication of Nadeem’s vocation. When the country had recovered from a war that lasted three decades and was looking forward to exponential growth as a nation, he deems himself highly fortunate to have joined one of the most influential and powerful corporations in Sri Lanka. As predicted, the markets were growing rapidly from 2009-2011. Still, the years that followed the boom of initial success were the most influential for Nadeem, as it carried the necessary experiences he required to progress in his career. 

The experience he gained as a stockbroker from John Keells supported him to broaden his expertise in investments and customer relations. The knowledge Nadeem followed was incorporated into the property development field as he grasped the opportunity to shift to the John Keells property sector in 2014.  Nadeem asserts the expertise of diversifying the scope of knowledge; one hopes to excel in focusing more on execution and outcome than being a hairsplitting perfectionist. 

The core concept of efficient teamwork defines success for Nadeem. A high-performance team is the critical ingredient of success. The objective for John Keells Properties is to craft living spaces of quality, comfort and value for its customers as the John Keells Properties team embarks on developing the real estate industry to diversify and cater to the many needs of the nation’s citizens.

The organization focuses on catering to both the residential and commercial needs of their clientele as they contrive to cover metropolitan, suburban and luxe categories of the industry. The company aims to count on their clients’ lifestyles as they construct spaces best fit for their needs. Establishing themselves as one of the leading property developers in Sri Lanka, their effort to epitomize superior developments and bind them with timeless elegance is manifested by the standing outcomes of their projects. Their impressive completed developments stand in prime locations of the country, enhancing the lifestyle fulfilment of their treasured customers. When examining their portfolio, which includes the Emperor, the Monarch, OnThree20 and 7th Sense, the quality real estate standards they produce are apparent. John Keells has pioneered building properties for the growing market, with projects such as TRI-ZEN, which is located close to business hubs, entertainment facilities, and other facilities needed, is the ideal property for families wanting to be located in the heart of the city and for investors to benefit from the potential capital gains and high rental yields.

John Keells properties’ latest project is the new buzz of the town as they embark on one of Sri Lanka’s most significant integrated projects, Cinnamon Life. The project includes an 800 roomed luxury hotel, entertainment facilities, 427 premium apartments, shopping and entertainment, office spaces and many more attractions to ensure the most content fulfilment from luxury lifestyle. They endure the journey with pride and dedication as they aspire to bring an effective paradigm shift to the everyday city life of Colombo. Furthering on their effective long-term strategies, as Nadeem puts it, the company has ambitious plans to expand the condominium market in Sri Lanka and play its part effectively in the economic development of the nation.

. The current challenges resulting from the pandemic stands as a very short-term obstacle for the John Keells Properties team as the resume of lifestyle seems inevitable, and the real estate market remains on solid grounds as an unshaken asset for stable medium to long term returns. Nadeem continues to cater to the needs of his clients, advising them with transparency. 

To Nadeem, following the ethics of the industry and catering to his clients’ needs on simple terms remains on top of his priorities. In summation, he accompanies his team to proceed to create innovative properties that prosper our nation.