Participating in the envisioning of an elite establishment that is fit to last for generations, Dimuthu Peiris, Managing Director of Asriel Holdings (Pvt) Ltd and Chariot Restaurants, has been an important addition in creating the perfect recipe for excellence while maintaining the essence of her distinctiveness. As a businesswoman and a dedicated partner to the visionary, Shiran Peiris, she stands as a woman of substance. She stands with humble pride, continuing to grow and flourish within her niche as one of the most illuminative personalities, being a trusted partner to her husband and an upcoming philanthropist, hoping to make a real change in this world.

Standing beside the leadership of her partner and with the influence of a strong bond with her three children, she strives to achieve her goals. Dimuthu stands on the solid grounds of the passion-driven qualifications and experience she accumulated in her time period as a student in Singapore. She took her significant interest in chocolate to a professional level as she obtained relevant qualifications to become a professional chocolatier and redirected her ambitious senses to blend and create decadent recipes that remained to be imprinted on her clients.

Being exposed to business from a very young age, Dimuthu has always been associated with the business world and following this, she plays a balanced role of a wife and business partner with her husband by her side. With the firm support of her husband and a motive to create a legacy for her children, Dimuthu took on the establishment of Chariot as she blended her creative and entrepreneurial instincts into a perfect union. Under Dimuthu’s supervision, Chariot truly stands as one-of-a-kind because it caters to serving the best recipes made with excellence and care. With an empathetic outlook, her leadership within Asriel Holdings has made it one big family. As Dimuthu claims, her heart lies in the essence of family and relationships. Thus, her corporate and personal families lie side by side on her priority list as she moves onwards with a grateful heart, thanking the grace of God.

Starting the journey of Asriel in 2015 with Asriel Marketing under the visionary leadership of Shiran Peiris, Dimuthu has held his hand, both as a wife and a Managing Director, throughout his impeccable journey as a dedicated entrepreneur and Chairman. With the strong support of her resilience by his side, Shiran has now created a network of trusted clients under Asriel, serving many leading establishments from supermarket chains to 5-star hotels. Dimuthu extols the value of balance in her life as she embraces the strong bond, she and Shiran share, which propels their individuality to new heights. Dimuthu believes that striking a balance in both her professional and personal life is the key to her success, and she advises any aspiring woman who wants to fulfil her true purpose to do the same.

“I am always mindful of balancing the roles I play as a woman. My dynamic can change according to the situation. I have to be there for my husband as a wife as well as a Managing Director. And there’s also the role I play as a mother to my kids. I truly find the reason for my success is the instinct I have to perfectly balance all these roles and give my best in all the situations I need to fulfil them as a woman. “

As the whole world looks forward to recovery from the pandemic crisis, Asriel Holdings (Pvt) Ltd looks for improvement as a unit while focusing on the optimistic viewpoint their leader contributes to.

“In every situation in life, there are only two ways of looking at something. An opportunity to do something and grow, or make it a hurdle and be stagnant waiting for it to pass. If we had waited for COVID to pass, the past two years would have been such a stagnant and loss-making period in our lives. But we saw an opportunity and tried to think of how every “block” could be a blessing.”

Never compromising on the values and business ethics for short-term gains while engaging in responsible decision making that will contribute to conserving their establishment for the next generation, Dimuthu intends to devote her best effort to establishing Chariot as an integral participant in the culinary industry under Asriel Holdings (Pvt) Ltd. With the accumulated mission to anticipate, identify, and satisfy their customers’ needs while elevating the company vision to become the market leader, Chariot is steered forward with dedication and precision, hoping to serve a diverse customer range. Dimuthu has been able to successfully conceptualize and facilitate Chariot to fit the overall goal and vision of Asriel, which she and her husband initially envisioned.

Maintaining a solid faith throughout the hardships of life, Dimuthu offers all glory to her faith, as she claims that the motivating drive and dedicated persistent work, she put in through the challenges of the past two years helped her company grow the most. The challenges of the last few years forced her to use wisdom and utilize her capacity to a higher level, rather than taking their success for granted. She wisely admits that sometimes challenges are what makes one a better version of themselves while it catapults one to a higher level of excellence.

Having a strong trust in her faith and morals, Dimuthu claims it is one of the most privileged blessings to be born as a woman. And within that blessing, she is particularly proud to be a mother of three amazing kids, two sons of 9 and 8 years and a daughter aged 4. Juggling the delicate task of providing unconditional love for her three children while at peak performance in her career, Dimuthu proves that there is no need to choose between work-life and personal life.  Looking at the expansive network she has created with care on both personal and professional levels, she could not be prouder to have created the many opportunities for dedicated individuals who are hoping to rise high with excellence. Among these individuals, Dimuthu is particularly proud of the many strong women who grab their chance at leadership within any system. While Dimuthu encourages her fellow women to utilize the many opportunities without insecurity, it empowers them to expand true equality and justice in society.

“As women, we have many roles to play. I am a wife, a mother, a business partner and a Managing Director. I try as much as possible to balance these roles in my everyday life. Before I am a businesswoman, I am a mother and a wife. We must always manage our relationships well in order for everything else to fall into place.”

Placing due priority while maintaining her balance within the network of roles she plays; she emphasizes the importance of doing so. Being loyal to the roots and essence one carries within them will make things fall into their rightful place as they strive to achieve their true purpose. Believing in a power that is higher and driving herself to be closer to its day after day is something that Dimuthu strives for as she motivates many around her to have a vision of excellence catering to their unique needs.

As she hopes for the progressive change to continue and flourish into creating an impactful outcome where rightful equality can exist in harmony, she points out the crucial role education plays in that essential change.

“I would say change starts within the education system. It’s not really male or female at this point. There are many things in a person’s life that would stagnate them. Poverty and living conditions are some of them. To be honest, raising someone to be anything can’t happen overnight. It’s a gradual process. And proper education plays a huge role in that. “

Maintaining a realistic perspective on making this change permanent, Dimuthu continues to emphasize how the right mentoring can bring about positive transformation. According to her, it is important to create a well-rounded educational system that offers individuals the expected motivation and freedom of thought. She states, “The education system shouldn’t just be about learning the Pythagorean theory. It should be about raising and helping an individual blossom into what they were created to be. We are born with something inbuilt in us. We are born with gifts. We are born with leadership. It’s the right mentoring that will guide it to its fullest potential. “

According to Dimuthu, the right education system will not only allow individuals to shine but will also raise more awareness, allowing society to be more humane to one another. She highlights the fact that, in the end, that is the core goal any society hopes to achieve. A flourishing society is one where one can be true to their unique individuality as they look ahead to spreading empathy as humans. She takes great interest and empathy with children as a dedicated mother who is capable of making a change beyond the limits of her own children. She looks forward to the near future plans of establishing a community dedicated to serving the special needs of children. As Dimuthu acclaims, the true purpose lies in the betterment of the whole, and she looks forward to participating in the change in her own unique way as a woman of excellence with a heart full of empathy.