Creative Heritage, directed by Yasmine Svensson, focuses on bespoke design, with each project starting with a unique concept and progressing through detailed design, custom furniture design, high-quality furniture manufacture, and project management. The attention to design detail shines through the work of Creative Heritage, boasting an extensive portfolio of clients and breathtaking luxury projects ranging from the smartest residences in Colombo to luxury boutique hotels and commercial buildings. The international Luxury Lifestyle Awards named the design company “Best Luxury Interior Design Studio 2021.”

The briefing process is incredibly crucial at Creative Heritage since they develop fully custom interiors and value their clients’ vision. The brand also takes into account the property’s location, type of space, and intended use, as these factors influence the concept design and space layout. Yasmine and her talented staff take the time to get to know their clients, their lifestyles, and the purpose of the space, then combine that knowledge with their creative abilities to create a personalized interior that emits a distinct blend of creative excellence while maintaining a personal touch.

Yasmine goes on to state that the concept is based on design principles and attempts to create a unified, connected area. “The eye is constantly moving, taking in our surroundings. In a perfectly balanced space, our eye gets the opportunity to rest’, she stated. It is for this reason that a well-designed space provides a sense of tranquility.

Creative Heritage develops the whole design after creating the concept, which is then presented to the client. The layout plan, the style and general direction of the furniture, sample photographs, and the textures and finishes of any metal, wood, fabric, or other materials used in the design are all included in this presentation. The client will be able to visualize the ultimate space as a result of this.

The talented team then produces the detailed and technical designs, working through all architectural aspects, kitchens, bathrooms, woodwork, bespoke furniture, and selected styling in the next stage.

Because the vast majority of Creative Heritage’s projects are turn-key, the client receives a fully installed and ready-to-use interior. At this point, the teams continue to work with their procurement manager to manage orders and timetables while all the moving components of a complicated interior come to life. The project will be overseen by the interior designers and creative director, who will ensure that every element adheres to the original goal. Once all these stages have been completed, it is time to do the final inspection, rectify and final project points and hand over space to the client, so they can move in or commence the use of their bespoke Creative Heritage designed interior.

Yasmine and her team collaborate with some of the greatest third-party vendors in the country, as well as others internationally. They also have crucial suppliers in places like China who assist with quality control when they have larger orders or are searching for a specific component that must be of the highest quality. Yasmine speaks on how many of us have been rethinking our houses and how we use the space for better functionality, adding spaces such as a home office and generating a warmer vibe as we spend more time at home over the last year and a half. Design trends have followed suit, and despite our tropical climate, we are gravitating toward softer, warmer tones and textures. “In fact, this need to create a warm welcoming home is something I’m focused on for my own home, as I’m just in the midst of doing my own interior. I am looking forward to sharing this with you once it is complete”, she stated.

Creative Heritage prioritizes the demands of its clients throughout the design process, combining versatility and creativity to create a diverse range of interiors that ooze good taste while adhering to agreed-upon briefs, financial constraints, and function requirements. Creative Heritage’s interior designers continue to raise the bar with their extensive worldwide interior design experience and skills.