Pioneering to create craft through the framework of architecture and constructional design, Rush Lanka Group exerts to deliver standards touching the pinnacle expectations of its customers as a company facilitating master planning and structuring residential and commercial projects in Sri Lanka. Setting a benchmark of brilliance in the construction and development industry in premium residential and commercial projects, the company’s goal deploys to be simple, to create homes that offer comforts desired by the customers while optimizing and incorporating innovative artistic strategies.

The initial establishment of Rush Property (Private) Ltd that came under Rush Lanka Group was inaugurated in 1992 and had an academic forefront to offer the best quality luxurious and congenial home experience, ultimately redefining contemporary living. This philosophy continues to be intact with the company’s core values that focus on utilizing its effort on fundamentals for developing lifestyle and alleviating customer experience, along with the mission to provide customers with a perfect home that epitomizes crucial components of substance factors in incorporeal aspects.

The basis of such excellence mounted to two and a half decades of pure experience that resulted in standardizing them as one of the most outstanding construction companies in Sri Lanka at the moment. Rush Lanka is dedicated to bringing a fresh, unique outlook to contemporary styled living with unmatched aesthetic beauty. Rush Lanka Group stands distinguished for its remarkable string of semi-luxury and luxury apartments completed with state-of-the-art furnishing and designs that seamlessly combine modern living with the vintage homey feel.

While maintaining a level of excellence, factors such as the practical terms of design and maximum pricing value are ensured to customers by the well-built team of real estate developers, engineers, architects and interior designers. They form the company’s structuring, unvaryingly providing to fuse finest elements resulting from creating outstanding masterpieces.

The brand has an extensive portfolio of over ten completed projects such as Rush Homes, Rush Residencies (Dehiwala, Wellawatte and Kawdana), Rush Courts 1 & 2, Rush Tower 1, Rush Apartments, Rush Reliance Apartments, Rush Palm Grove, Rush Villa, Rush Broadway, Rush Ebenez, Rush Park and Al Kareem tower. With the ongoing projects in various strategic locations across the Western Province of Sri Lanka, that includes Rush court 3 & 4, and Rush Residencies Watarappala, the company perpetuates the perfect alchemy of quality living and long-term viability. Furthermore, the upcoming projects which includes, Rush Court 5 and Rush Tower 2 appends to fixate further credibility to the Rush Lanka Group’s capabilities as a giant in the industry.

Their constant quest to deliver innovative solutions across their entire accommodation cycle segregates them onto a distinguished platform among competitors. The belief of the essentiality of a home to embody a strong and uniquely catered personality that complies with the fulfilment of its owners is a theology sacredly followed by the company. Furthermore, following the simple analogy of “Home is where the heart is”, Rush Lanka Group guarantees every landmark production and meets meticulously crafted design work with significant added value. They are sustaining solid partnerships based on trusted delivery catering to specific clientele expectations. Their success story will remain closely intact with every customer who experiences a trusted and definite remittance for their investments in creating their visionary residence.