Design that makes a statement

Amani Hussain is the founder of A.H Interior Studio, an interior design company founded on design principles that lean towards a modern, minimalist style that demonstrates simplicity, functionality, natural elements with clean lines, and neutral colors – with a touch of accents. Amani feels that there is more to a good design than just aesthetics. The language of the design, the voice of the space, the colors in use, the brand virtues in focus, and all attributes that connect contemporary concepts into a design are what make A.H Interior Studio distinct in the market.

Any form of design had sparked an interest in her from a very young age, and to do something creative for a business was something she has always been passionate about. Amani says that with time she found herself enthusiastic about DIY’s and having a creative eye in designing and decorating spaces. Along the way, she began to acknowledge that Interior Designing complements her personality and values, and so enrolls for an academic qualification to become an industry professional. As an undergraduate, she was inspired by the stories of a few freelance designers she met, which reinforces her drive to build her brand and deliver exceptionally peculiar designs. She was aware of the demanding task ahead of her to achieve her goals and so her ambition led her to take up small-scale projects while being a student which helped refine her expertise.

Her creativity helped her develop versatility in design which adds an integral element in producing appealing designs. She swiftly adapted to the profession by receiving an overwhelmingly positive response upon the completion of her first residential project. This paved the way for more client inquiries and projects. On completing her bachelors, and having accumulated sufficient corporate work experience, A.H Interior Studio was launched in July 2020. Creativity, innovation, quality, and integrity are aspects that are cornerstones to A.H Interior Studio – they aim to always exceed the client’s expectations.

The fundamental attribute that distinguishes A.H Interior Studio from other businesses is passion, and this passion is evident in the work they do. Amani feels fortunate that as a designer, she can showcase her values, passions, and personalities in her work. She is aware that most other types of businesses and industries don’t allow people to showcase their individuality. She believes in reaching her professional goals with passion and perpetual dedication.

The most recent project they worked on was for a wellness resort located in Kandy – An eco-friendly resort built around the concept of tranquility and serenity, with traditional Sri Lankan experiences and ayurvedic therapies. A.H Interior Studio was commissioned to design the indoor/outdoor kitchen area of the resort. The design for the project was centered around the concept of ‘Modern Ceylon’, incorporating traditional Sri Lankan elements along with a timeless and minimal interior.

A.H Interior Studio offers a variety of services ranging from; bespoke furniture designs, house staging, 3D rendering services, and design consultancy. At A.H Interior Studio, they are aware of the varying technological trends that drive the design industry, and with the use of contemporary techniques, the clients are provided with a convenient experience through 3D rendering. 3D rendering enables communicating the visuals of a proposed design to a client. At A.H Interior Studio, a majority of clients approach them with a vision for space, but with some reservations about how that vision would translate into the outcome or result of a designed space. This is where they consider 3D rendering as optimal in being an effective and appealing tool in translating any visionary design to a client, to give them the reaffirmation and excitement of looking forward to the finished space. Although 2D floor plans and detailed specifications are necessary for construction and amendments, they are no longer used to present and sell a design project in the current market.

Always looking to improvise and enhance their brand, they hope to go one step further to offer an exclusive customer service experience to all their clients, through the launch of an E-design service. The E-design service would provide clients with an online consultation along with a design concept, design books, specifications, and more. They also hope to launch their first concept store shortly. Finally, Amani is proud to say that every design project completed by A.H Interior Studio is unique, smart, and has a decisive impact on the lifestyle of the users of that space.