A progressive corporation, excellent at providing integrated tech and cloud solutions, LOLC Technologies stands as a pioneering brand among the many strategic giants of the industry. The company brand, highlighted as one of the leading corporations of Sri Lanka, includes LOLC Technologies as one of the most prestigious entities under its conglomerate.

Conrad Dias, the Chairman of LOLC Technologies Limited, has excelled in the aspects of incorporating the new wave of digitalization within the organization while powering through the changes of the new era. His leadership has proven to be an illuminating source as the company strives to propel forward towards an innovative goal while adapting to the technological progress and updates of the overall tech industry.

Conrad exemplifies the excellence of hard work and professionalism, as he is one of the industry’s leading figures with over 20 years of experience. Conrad has been described as a visionary business leader, technology strategist, and futurist. He has domain expertise in a variety of industries, including trading, asset management, manufacturing, banking, and finance. Conrad is an outstanding professional who has been recognized for his leadership and professional excellence. He has been inducted into the World CIO Hall of Fame as one of the 100 CIO honourees for the year 2020, as well as being named one of CIMA’s top 50 Business ICONS for the year 2021. Having an outlook to always inspire the aspiring talent around him, Conrad has found his ground within a corporate system based on motivation, work ethic, and progressive excellence, as LOLC Technologies exemplify Conrad employs a one-of-a-kind leadership strategy that focuses on capability segmentation and influence to improve those capabilities. According to him, business and technology now go hand in hand, and both sectors can accommodate people with varying degrees of difference and disparity. Conrad excels at bringing all of these people together to work toward a common goal within the organization.

“In the current context of the economy and the global demand for talent, the most difficult aspect of managing or providing leadership to the team is giving them their aspirations. Managing or providing leadership to techies is different. They are all humans, but they have different passions when it comes to work, especially hardcore techies. The challenge is balancing business and human needs in an ever-changing world where most of the new talent is living in a metaverse. “

While overcoming the challenge of creating balance, creating connection, and establishing a bridge between technicality and reality stands to be another major challenge. As Conrad puts it, business and technology have merged to form new alchemy for the age of digital corporations. As a result, simplifying the technicalities can increase demand by allowing you to reach more people in the industry. For instance, as Conrad states, “One of the bigger challenges we face with techies is communication. Because they are familiar with all the tech jargon and advanced tech capabilities but fail to articulate and simplify the real world. Therefore, we always need to have translators, which we call ‘business analysts,’ and most times, managers and leaders have to be that business analyst.” Striving to overcome this challenge, Conrad has managed to create a systematic outlay within LOLC that empowers individual employees to excel within their capabilities while segregating the expected outcomes accordingly.

With a vision to assist LOLC through the new digital age, Conrad hopes to create further value for the organization with a focus on creating IP through innovation, retaining and attracting talent to continue innovation, and continuously adapting to the changing technology. Adaptation being a critical component of LOLC’s progressive future, Conrad’s leadership stands ready to fully support and pay close attention to industry changes, hoping to maintain LOLC Technologies’ pioneering status within the industry.

“Technology is on an exponential curve of growth. As a company in the digital space, transformation is a continuing phenomenon. Therefore, as leaders driving the organization, we first need to learn to transform ourselves and adapt faster to provide the required leadership to others. “

As a leader and a passionate technologist, and coming from over several decades of involvement in technology, Conrad has found his new passion is coaching, developing, and mentoring others to be business-driven tech leaders and talented professionals in the company and country. With the intention of establishing and furthering LOLC’s global presence in the world, he hopes to harness the young and upcoming talent, providing them the space and opportunity to innovate freely and be part of the team supporting them to evolve to a global level through the company.

Conrad’s intention and purpose as a professional remain solid as LOLC Technologies will continue to power forward under his exceptional guidance and leadership. Conquering changes that are the only constant in the progressive corporate structures, Conrad Dias will continue to guide LOLC Technologies, keeping in mind the words of Charles Darwin as he said, “It is not the strongest of the species that survives, nor the most intelligent that survives. It is the one that is most adaptable to change.”