Laying an astounding groundwork in education, Chamini Attanayake, the COO of LOLC Technology started her career with determination and spirit. She graduated from the University of Peradeniya with a Bachelor of Science and holds an MBA. However, taking a turn between industries, Chamini started her tenure as Corporate Account Manager and then furthered her career as Sector Manager at Suntel Ltd., a pioneering telecommunication company, back in 2004. “I managed the highest revenue contributing sector (banking and finance sector) within the corporate solutions division, in delivering set corporate business objectives / KPIs while managing a team of Senior Corporate Account Managers in charge of relationship management,” Chamini added.

Another added experience in her career was Manager – Admin & Finance, Captain Trading Pvt Ltd, and then joined LOLC with a vast collection of experience and knowledge. As the COO at LOLC Tech, Chamini was involved in the company’s growth by 150% from the previous year to the current year. As a leader at the organization, she was crucial in converting LOLC Tech into one of the leading and preferred Oracle solution providers in Sri Lanka and also Enterprise Performance Management solutions (EPM) in Sri Lanka. Chamini has also contributed to expanding the enterprise customer base including its international footprint. Chamini further speaks on the LOLC Technologies entailed within her job role. “One of Sri Lanka’s top system integrators, LOLC Technologies offers a variety of business solutions. We are industry leaders in offering Oracle ERP systems, both on-premises and in the cloud. Additionally, we effectively offer Oracle DB services as well as cloud platform and infrastructure services. Hutch Oracle Cloud ERP implementation, which went live on January 3rd, 2022, was one of our most recent successes. It was the first cloud installation in the Hutchison Group and covered a variety of business segments.”

Embracing its pioneering skills, LOLC Tech is the leading implementer of Oracle Cloud EPM solution within the JAPAC region. Portraying a strong capacity of incorporating Oracle EPM, LOLC Tech is honoured in deploying many complex EPM projects within the country. Chamini expands, “In uplifting the lives of our most valued customers, we provide support to them in cloud migrations, DB upgrades, EBS upgrade services which have helped our customers to excel in their work efficiency”. Appreciating the success and recognition, Chamini elaborates, “The Oracle Cloud Technology is one prime area we are strengthened during the recent past in the areas mainly, Lift and Shift Solutions, Cloud Infrastructure Implementation services, Cloud DB provisioning and configuration, IDCS etc.”

LOLC Tech is one of the pre-eminent and trusted IT solution providers, offering modern and efficient complete (end-to- end) solutions covering all sectors, Banking & Finance, Telecommunication, Manufacturing, and Services.With over 15+ years of experience, they provide solutions and services designed to assist enterprises and SMEs to attain their business objectives. Chamini states that the core competencies that drive the performance of LOLC Tech are the capability of handling both complex IT projects but also being flexible and maintaining integrity in all aspects of their services. They also provide a variety   of   services; Oracle   On premise or Cloud ERP implementation, Cloud Infrastructure, Service transformation, and automation solutions, Oracle Database and Oracle Hardware Implementation services, and Oracle cloud Enterprise Performance Management solutions, to name a few.

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