LIVE E Z Private Limited is one of the best smart solution providers for home and commercial automation needs, integrating convenience with the touch of a button. The company was founded in 2018, by Dillan Ariyawansa – Chairman & CEO, Chanaka Olagama – COO of North American Aviation Group Inc and Sanjeeva Cooray – Director at Kloudip Private Limited and formed initially with two young professionals Dinushan Paranavithana & Kasun Lakshitha who completed Control4 Automation Programmer Certification in Melbourne, Australia.

Dinushan Paranavithana, an engineering graduate of Sri Lanka Institute of Information Technology with a Master of Engineering (Hons.) degree in Electrical & Electronic Engineering (Sheffield Hallam University – UK), serves as the Automation Engineer at LIVE E Z. Being seized with a passionate enthusiasm for science fiction movies from his early years and with academic project experiences, Dinushan became intensely interested in computer programming as well as developing products which would revolutionize the world for a greater cause. (Control4 Certifications: Associate Installer, Automation Programmer, Centralized Lighting) 

Kasun Lakshitha, an active member of the Computer Society of Sri Lanka with more than 10 years of experience in the field of Information Technology completed his Higher National Diploma in Software Engineering at Netassist International – American Education Centre. He is the Manager – IT of North American Aviation Group and the Network Engineer of LIVE E Z. Being a self-motivated individual, Kasun was always passionate about computers and technology to help people manage connected devices through simplified services, which paved the way for a successful career in Networking. (Control4 Certifications: Associate Installer, Automation Programmer, Professional Certified Network Administrator, Centralized Lighting) 

Janaka Peiris, a product of Drexel University Philadelphia, spent his formative years developing and perfecting image processing techniques for agro-processing applications. He has worked as a maintenance Engineer and an Area Manager in the tea industry and has over 10 years of experience in project management. Janaka is a firm believer in pioneering cutting edge technologies and maintaining unmatched service quality. His interests include Industrial IoT applications and developing residential energy saving methods via IoT. A University of Colombo Higher Diploma holder in Information Technology, he serves as an Assistant Automation Engineer at LIVE E Z. (Control4 Certifications: Associate Installer, Automation Programmer, Centralized Lighting).

With a dedicated team of passionate individuals including Madushika, Accountant; and Stephani Vanvelzon, Manager – Customer Service at LIVE E Z, the company is cruising forward with an innovative outlook on the new age of technological needs and opportunities.

LIVE E Z integrates seamless automation and virtual control with lighting, audio and video equipment, security devices, motorized blinds, HVAC systems and sensors to simplify your overburdened lifestyle. Having futuristic vision to connect almost any device to the internet while minimizing its complexity with human interaction LIVE E Z helps to create solutions, taking real-time control of a profusion of devices instantly from any part of the world at the touch of a button. Enhancing interaction between humans and devices through customized solutions to yield convenience, they are passionate about providing smart innovative solutions. In other words, LIVE E Z basically allows one app to control any house or commercial equipment from anywhere. 

“The core essence of LIVE E Z lies in its ability to provide customized automation and control solutions for residential applications through multiple American partner products and services. Unlike other home automation systems that use many apps for a plethora of functionalities, LIVE E Z utilizes Control4 technology with third party software drivers in a unified system to deliver automation and control solutions all in one app.”

A key product by LIVE E Z, Control4, provides a dynamic platform for the interconnectivity of devices. The key advantage of Control4 is its reliability of having a central adaptive controller for your entire home automation system, where one can scale it with third-party or external devices without requiring to change the entire automation system as technology evolves. Along with the endless opportunity to expand, the system also comes with a mobile application where the clients can get access to thousands of smart devices at the touch of a button. 

In addition to granting a manufacturer’s warranty period of 2 years for hardware components in Control4 installations, LIVE E Z, as an add-on service provides 24/7 after-sales support to their valuable customers by handling their inquiries and assisting them with product and service issues using their call centre operation. 

While LIVE E Z mainly focuses on home automation at the moment, they see a bright future  where total automation concepts are on the rise.

“Apart from Home Automation, one of the recent optimistic decisions taken by the management of LIVE E Z is to invest in research and development that will create a new fertile gateway for the development of standalone IoT products in a variety of industries. These IoT products are to be developed locally targeting other segments of the markets that will enable us to expand our automation business and create new solutions and services.”

With continuously evolving technology, new IoT products from various manufacturers are introduced to the market. In order to maintain a common platform for a network of  millions of devices ensuring compatibility, a set of common standards should be followed by all manufacturers for a win-win situation in the globally competitive market. Fitting and exceeding these expectations of the industry, LIVE E Z hopes to further create partnerships with some of the leading American brands with common DNA to make their products more easily linkable with Control4. In terms of Home Automation, their vision remains constant and clear, to exceed the demographics of the local market with the hope of expanding their services to make LIVE E Z a globally recognized brand.

A subsidiary of North American Aviation Group, LIVE E Z is the sole distributor of Control4, Pakedge, Triad, Colorbeam, American Lighting, TruAudio, and Lumilum in Sri Lanka. Founded in 1999, the North American Aviation Group represents a portfolio of established Airlines (Passenger and Cargo), Shipping Lines, Freight Forwarders and Logistics companies across USA, Canada, Mexico, the Caribbean, Australia, New Zealand and Ukraine. Its’ strength lies in handling over 10,000 agents in the USA, 1800 in Canada and over 5000 agents in Australia and New Zealand with utmost dedication and professionalism for over 20 years. With an annual turnover of USD 120M from the operations in USA, Canada, Australia & New Zealand, NAAG possesses a wealth of knowledge on distribution patterns, market behaviours and customer requirements in relation to travel, logistics, shipping and freight forwarding industries.

Control4 is Snap One’s flagship smart home automation brand, which is one of the world’s leading providers of automation and networking systems for homes and businesses. Control4 was an early entrant in the home automation market, with its first set of products being introduced at CEDIA Expo home technology in 2004. Control4 being available in over 100 countries, its operating system is now compatible with thousands of 3rd party products and has a network of 15 million connected devices worldwide. The installation of Control4 hardware is done through over 6,000 authorized dealers with the software being customized to unify and personalize the homeowner’s technology. From 2013 until 2019, Control4 was a publicly traded company which merged with SnapAV and formed Snap One in 2021, establishing its headquarters in Charlotte, North Carolina and Salt Lake City, Utah along with several branches located in in Austin, Texas; Chicago, Illinois; Charlotte, North Carolina; Draper, Utah; Hebron, Kentucky; Irvine, California; Portland, Oregon; San Jose, California; Frankfurt, Germany; Solothurn, Switzerland; York, England; Shanghai, China; Bangalore, India; Belgrade, Serbia; and Melbourne, Australia.