Ahasa One Sky Bridge will proudly announce that Sri Lanka is ready to join the ranks of world-class global locations with exceptional engineering landmarks, setting a new architectural precedent for the entire South Asian region.

This distinctive creation will be the latest in the fast-changing cityscape of Colombo and is also guaranteed to bring the capital city on par with some of the most fascinating cities in the world. It will also portray the importance of Ahasa One for Sri Lanka as a national architectural monument and how it stands to enhance the country’s image on the global stage. Viewers can also observe how the gigantic structure was designed, tested, transported, assembled, raised, and installed between the Sapphire Residences and ITC hotel towers over Galle Face.

On completion, Ahasa One is destined to become one of the most popular leisure destinations for Colombo’s elite, offering the city’s most breathtaking dual-panoramic views, two c.50+ metre infinity pools and sun deck on top as well as a luxurious jazz lounge and bar.

-Daily Mirror