Inflicting their simplistic yet futuristic designs, the Amoda Rathnayake Associates team is rich with talent and creativity that is nourished by various aspects that speak to the heart of the clients and their dreams. Headed by Amoda Rathnayake, the Managing Director of the company, ARA has managed to turn a new page in interior design, architecture, construction, custom-made furniture, and delivering magnificent works of art, which always fascinates their loyal customers.

One of the most recent and ground-breaking projects the team Amoda Rathnayake Associates has been involved in is the MAS Fabrics Matrix, a new fashion design studio that saw the light of day under the creativity of Amoda and the team. The ARA team received the project proposal for this iconic project in late 2019, and they delivered the best of their work by completing the construction in mid-March 2020. That is, within one and a half months since the construction began. The building has a sophisticated and fundamental touch of fabric that brings along the peace and serenity associated with it, diligently conveyed in a manner that is too good for words. This young lady is confident that this beautiful work of art will undoubtedly be noticed as a strong expression of the revolutionary knitted compounds manufactured in the knit technology center.

According to Amoda, the whole team of ARA undoubtedly shed sweat and tears when a project was at hand, and this project was completed with the support of 50 of these talented individuals. “One project becomes the whole of all the staff where each and everyone gets together and shares ideas and collaborates as a family from the beginning till the end and handover of the project.”, says Amoda, making it clear that a good team is the backbone of any successful project.

The building in itself has been planned as a statement of tranquillity which gives the feeling related to ‘Knitting’ to anyone that is to enter through the doors. According to Amoda, the fact that Matrix is the largest advanced knitting technology center located in Thulhiriya has played a part in this achievement.

“From the start of the project and till the end of it, the client was the main person of the total scope where we received immense support, which we appreciate,” Amoda further shared. She believes that the client’s support was a strong pillar of successfully finishing the project within the given timeline.