Creating a Network on a Pedestal of Equality – the Country Director for ADA in Sri Lanka, Sanjini Munaweera

Powering the data-driven world with her progressive outlook, Sanjini Munaweera, the Country Director for ADA in Sri Lanka, has established herself as an exemplary,  passionate leader and an inspiring female presence within the industry. As the new era forms around the nucleus of evolving technology, including a range of diverse industries, Sanjini plans on creating an impactful change by guiding her team towards the goal.

Joining ADA as the Director of Client Leadership, a leading corporation that specializes in using data and artificial intelligence to design and execute integrated digital analytics and marketing solutions, Sanjini stepped into a pioneering revolution, adding her personal touch to a challenging industry. Standing on the grounds of individuality, Sanjini excelled in driving both the marketing services and digital sales teams of ADA.

As she looks back on her career over the years, Sanjini embraces the vitality of the network she has created around her. Guided by her inner empathetic qualities, Sanjini now stands as the country’s Director with grace, owing to the valuable relationships she has nourished through her career. For Sanjini, human relationships remain a priority, whether it is on a professional or personal level.

“From a very young age, I invested in building relationships. 3 decades later, I still believe this to be a very strong pillar in my journey. I have been blessed with people around me who have inspired, challenged, strengthened, and critiqued me. The energy I get from each one has motivated me to push myself to be better than I was yesterday, despite the setbacks and challenges.”

With a strong system of trusted relationships supporting her myriad of responsibilities, Sanjini stands with humble pride, leading the ADA family as a new-age company servicing the evolving digital needs. Thriving as a successful and exemplary leader, Sanjini strictly views leadership as gender-neutral. Evidently proving her point, she exemplifies qualities of stability, resilience, and empathy that has made her an exceptional female leader.

“As a leader, I have learnt to be resilient. You will never be perfect in everything you do. I have made many mistakes along my journey, but I have learnt valuable lessons in the process and always bounced back stronger. Being courageous and moving outside my comfort zone to take on new challenges has given me a different perspective and helped me grow as a leader. The tough part is managing your emotions, to constantly keep yourself in check and not lose sight of the bigger picture.”

Sanjini moulds herself as an expert in serving a purpose that is bigger than her. As an individual who is looking to constantly evolve in her leadership qualities, inspiring her team, she has dedicated herself to finding a perfect balance. Sanjini proclaims that “balance” should come in as a quality that caters to the individual progress of a woman, rather than something that women do to fit into society’s expectations of a woman.

“Maintaining a balance is something unique for any woman. Women have multiple roles to play in life and we are constantly multi-tasking, juggling multiple tasks both at home or in our careers, and the one thing you have to keep remembering as a female leader is that no matter what happens in your personal space, you still need to be switched on in your professional space and be an inspiration always. “

Creating a perfect balance in both personal and professional life comes into play with the heightened empathetic instincts women share. Taking this quality into consideration, Sanjini’s leadership style has enabled many teammates to achieve excellence under her guidance. As she looks forward to the future, Sanjini hopes to continue being her authentic self, while as a leader, she hopes to create opportunities to encourage more peers around her.

“I see more women taking on leadership roles today, across industries. This is a good thing. More of us should come out of the woodwork. As a woman, our only limitation is ourselves. There is nothing we cannot achieve if we put our mind to it. Be courageous, take the step. If you find yourself faced with a challenge or suffering a setback, take a deep breath and come back stronger. “

As she inspires the aspiring leaders to look beyond themselves and challenge the status-quo, Sanjini Munaweera will continue to lead ADA in Sri Lanka to the industry’s top spot as the best digital solution provider in this ever-changing market space.

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