Charming their loyally bounded customers with their furniture masterpieces, 7th Avenue brings to the table a delicately perfect balance between personality and design, leaving their customers in complete awe! Having laid their foundation 38 years back, they were commonly known as Avenue Posh. However, this was rebranded in 2015 to 7th Avenue, leading a six-year journey in the furniture manufacturing market up to date. 

Reinforcing their primary product, 7th Avenue is still more robust in the Sofa manufacturing sector. Their sofa-making skills are recognized for their impeccable quality and ability to reciprocate their customers’ expectations. Their bold choices in terms of related sofa and furniture accessories have greatly assisted their clients in checking the options in their furniture list under one roof. 7th Avenue is well known for its floor to ceiling 360° solution services and its flexible services to satisfy customers’ sincere expectations. 

Adhering to their clients’ fantastic expectations, 7th Avenue has established a greater understanding of accommodating the broader spectrum of design and furniture demands. This has resonated with their initial motive to bridge the gap existing in the market to meet the promised needs within the given time frame. However, quality is monitored constantly to provide their customers with standard and unique products.

Deeming an unrivalled quality in the market, 7th Avenue official’s view their brand and service among the few top-tiered furniture companies in Sri Lanka. Providing their customers with a wide range of options to choose from, they instil reliability within clients via their openness to novel ideas. As a result, they have been a practical furniture choice both for clients who recruit third-part interior designers and for creative customers with a pre-planned vision in their mind. In both instances, 7th Avenue services extend a more profound meaning and interest, leaving lasting impressions in their furniture piece, further facilitating their customer’s dream house!

It is essential to follow a much-saturated project managing technique to simplify and connect the dots. Although their plans can be heavily enriched with details, 7th Avenue has provided their customers with the authority to make amends to their expectations even during the process. Maintaining the original layout, adjustments, recommendations and other amendments are always welcomed in the planning and designing stage. Their flexible service has been a critical component of success in the past years, constantly welcoming their loyal customers back to them. 

Their clients are given a shoulder to lean on as they find 7th Avenue quite dependable in furniture and design. Understanding their customer’s design requirements, responding to their expectations, and transforming them into idle masterpieces defines their significance. Furthermore, the refrain from focusing entirely on financial matters can lead to flexibility in providing clients with the best under their budget. 

The 7th Avenue officials see a massive future in the furniture and design industry. Apart from finessing their existing sofa making skills, they hope to expand their capacity by introducing newer additions, diverse designs, in-house designs, and venturing into overseas markets. Furthermore, they hope to enhance their quality by all means, which has further strengthened ensuring the best products leave their manufacturing plant. 

Embracing the changes occurring in their trade due to the current pandemic, the 7th Avenue officials are hoping to improve and reinforce their reliability factor, offering their customers the expected branded and quality products. They further believe this opening is an opportunity for the entire industry to showcase their consummate elegance through furniture.