Rising from the ground level with a chosen hope of reaching apportionable excellence, Dilantha Perera, Founder of IT Gallery Computers (PVT) Ltd, has risen to the heights he had hoped for, through dedication and perseverance. With a well-thought-out plan to equip his entrepreneurial outlook, he has succeeded in establishing a solid network of reliable retailers of all things IT-related. Standing as the first all-equipped IT distributor, Dilantha looks back with a grateful heart at his journey as he verges on a new path to achieve his next goal.

Stemming from humble beginnings, Dilantha stands as an illuminating example of how one can shine through the many holes in the house of life. Dilantha believes his best quality to be is his positive attitude. With an outlook that always concentrates on the opportunities, he reflects his direct focus on his goals, as he takes his steps with a calculated mindset.

Dilantha entered the corporate world with the same zeal he has today. Entering the corporate world as a software engineer, he soon identified the scope to grow as his entrepreneurial instinct enlightened him on a pathway that was beyond his job. With the purpose of growing himself to a level of excellence while serving the many around him, Dilantha made his debut as an entrepreneur as he dipped his feet into the retail business within the IT industry.

Starting his retail business with a mortgage on family land and less than five staff members, as a high-risk taker and a calculated entrepreneur, Dilantha soon threw himself full-time into his business, letting go of the safety net job he had as a software engineer. As he exclaims, this was his first personal revolutionary decision and the foundation that eventually created the IT empire that he now rules over. While dedicating a continuously hard working three years to establishing the basis of his startup, He mastered the handling of many software projects, product reselling, and distribution during his initial years in the market as a small-time startup owner. The experience eventually led him to take the next revolutionary step he took as an IT guru in 2011, as he took the bold decision to change the business into a distribution model, identifying the high competition in the retail business.

Reaching out to the China market, he took his first steps as a distributor. He implemented his intrepid decision to import computer accessories from China. While creating a network of trust between his customers and business partners, Dilantha’s keen eye for spotting potential opportunities helped him to identify the then-upcoming trend in the surveillance market. Following this trend, with the hope of establishing his brand name across the market, Dilantha pioneered the creation of a distribution model in Sri Lanka with the help of his partners. Initially, as he did not have specific sellers to distribute surveillance cameras, as it was an up-and-coming trend, he utilized his network of PC sellers to distribute and establish these cameras within their shops as a starting point; thus, creating a demand in the market as a true marketeer. Following the demand, he created with his entrepreneurial vision, there was a definite growth in the surveillance market. Following this, Dilantha decided to be associated with HIKVISION, establishing a proper CCTV brand with IT Gallery. Reaching out to Hikvision, with a proper distribution model, Dilantha’s vision soon came true as he made it the number one brand in Sri Lanka in 2 years’ time after its initiation.

Supporting his initial success within his impressive distribution model, Dilantha continued to persevere as he kept adding more and more elements to his success. Adding brands like Pantum printers in 2014, East UPS brand, OCEAN OEM multimedia equipment, and A4Tech computer accessories and LENOVO Notebook Desktop, EZVIZ Smart Home Products into the portfolio of IT Gallery Dilantha soon entrenched IT Gallery in the market as one of the pioneering one-stop-shops for all the needs of the IT industry. 

“My biggest factor for success I had so far is the dedication I had for my work. I’ve always had a goal in my mind that was high-visioned and bigger than myself. That is what drove me to take high risks and accept whatever challenges I had to face in a positive manner. I always had a mindset that thought big while I also engaged myself to understand the market needs and cater to my customers and partners with all that I had.”

With his persistent passion, Dilantha occupies a sustainable outlook, helping his empire thrive to new heights. With a thoughtful vision, Dilantha finds satisfaction in the fact that his employees and partners should grow with him along the way to success. Dilantha stands as a man who is sure to achieve what he thinks of in both his personal and professional life. As he works to provide his family with the best, his corporate family stands for no less.

“I find satisfaction as an entrepreneur when I enable the potential for my partners to grow within the network I have created. I always wanted to create an agile, multi-tasking team around me, and I have now successfully achieved that. I look forward to providing my team with the rightful appreciation and value they deserve as I continue to spot the new opportunities in the market. I want to maintain my keen eye and focus on making the right swift decision at the correct time.

As Dilantha looks forward to a new goal of becoming an exporter, he also looks forward to maintaining IT Gallery and taking his newly established company, SOFT Gallery (Pvt) Ltd, to new heights as well. Dilantha retains his strong entrepreneurial mindset that transcends time in the hopes of accomplishing his purpose as a determined man of substance as his aims and preferences grow with the new era of wants.