Secretary to the President Saman Ekanayake has appointed a committee for the purpose of supervising and implementing the entire process of the disposal of scrap metal accumulated in the public sector institutions, as per the budget proposal of the Interim Budget 2022.

The committee comprises Ms. Ramya Kanthi (Chairperson), Comptroller General, Comptroller General Department, General Treasury, S.U. Chandrakumaran, Additional Director General, Department of Public Finance, General Treasury, J.M.S.N. Jayasinghe, Additional Director General, Department of Public Enterprises, General Treasury.

It has been noted that due to the non-disposal of scrap material on time, the government is losing a considerable amount of revenue.

Further, the spaces in the office premises/government buildings are also unnecessarily obstructed and occupied due to the filling up of such material.

The President’s Secretary, therefore, noted that it is required to dispose of such material expeditiously.

Accordingly, the committee has been tasked with completing the disposal procedure on or before December 05, 2022, adhering to the following;

• Issuance of circular instructions to all the agencies
• Identification of available scrap material by institutions (Ministry/ Department/ Institution)
• Preparation of a list of materials to be disposed of by the institutions
• Ensuring the appointment of relevant valuation panels by each agency
• Obtaining the list of the amount of valuation relating to the scrap material from each agency
• Supervision of the disposal procedure
• Ensuring the removal of the material after sale
• Preparation of a combined report relating to the disposal of scrap materials involving all the institutions