Colourizing an Era of Elegant Living – Founder and Director of Windsor Castle Sri Lanka, Praveen Krishnaraja

Aligning his goals and achievements to eventually break through the stereotypical mentality of Sri Lankans in terms of interior design, the Founder and Director of Windsor Castle Sri Lanka, Praveen Krishnaraja, is one of Sri Lanka’s golden additions to the design industry. As a leading young entrepreneur with over 117 projects that he has successfully embarked on, Praveen believes that the best interior design world is yet to come.

According to Praveen’s expert opinion, the knowledge and exposure of clients in terms of what they want their residences to look like are broadening. With that, their selections vary, eventually producing more and more individuals who have a clear idea of precisely what they need to be done to their forever homes. Once a tough job that involved taking clueless customers through the plan from A to Z, it has now been made easy for professionals in the interior design industry since it comes down to the strategic plan of directing clients on exactly how to get the look and feel that they yearn for. The healthy collaboration of client ideas and Windsor Castle guidance helps get the flawlessly completed product where the customer feels at home, and the designers can conclude their jobs smoothly. With the exposure now, people have a better idea of interior design than they used to. It’s much easier and better to work with them now because they have their own ideas. For us, it’s easy to explain the process and get the best and final product,” added the protagonist.

Windsor Castle carries the responsibility of making one’s house feel like home. Despite the fancy materials used and the exceptional lighting, if the client cannot associate the space with their heart, This is one of the many unique challenges faced by those in the business of building forever homes, among other ventures. Narrating the ethos and philosophies that make Windsor Castle who they are, Praveen states that the influence of other creative individuals engaged in the process has a considerable impact on the originality. Even though the team consists of in-house interior designers, the affiliation of designers from beyond the borders has kept the Windsor Castle creations innovative, up-to-date, and timely. Windsor Castle stands true to its promise to the customers, ensuring that their projects will always be the most convenient, effortlessly standing tall among the fast-pacing trends. Some of the most notable projects in Windsor Castle include residences at One Galle Face, Havelock Apartments, and Empire Residences. This consists of designing Kumar Sangakkara’s home at One Galle Face. 

Praveen believes that the first step to the success of any product is healthy and elaborate communication between the two parties and time spent grasping the engraved idea from the customer’s point of view. The team has extensive experience, which helps them tackle even the unsaid likes and dislikes of the customers, adding more and more to their satisfied client base. From Praveen’s expert point of view, interior design will expand and advance with time. Either way, it will always hold its status, which will only be polished in the years to come. With the detailed study behind the interior design, creativity will take its hold on capturing the eyes and hearts of people with upcoming designs and solutions dedicated to simplifying and adding value to the busy schedules we manage. Praveen believes that at the end of the day, the job of an interior designer comes down to simply delivering the customer with what they look forward to. In practical life, you need to go further than the facts and studies and advance on the art of how to make a house feel like home. Even in 10 years, we will be there to get that done”, added Praveen, touching on the subject. 

The team led by Praveen, who is keen on detail, subject-oriented and always striving to capture the root of customer expectations, has managed to place sophisticated benchmarks in the industry, having their projects shine and stand out wherever they may. As a result, most of Sri Lanka’s high-end enterprises and residencies have been blessed with the creative hands and magnificent thinking of the Windsor Castle team, adding an aura of elegance and sophistication to the well-designed space.

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