CIMA C-Suite Business and Finance Programme

Most Sought after by the top business leaders in the country.

With the intention of up-skilling and developing professionals across the globe, The Chartered Institute of Management Accountants (CIMA) has introduced various pathways to facilitate experienced professionals with proven track records to come onboard a special route to complete the qualification and become a Chartered Global Management Accountant (CGMA).

Enhance your professional standing 

Among such pathways, CIMA/CGMA C-Suite Business and Finance Programme takes a prominent position. This exclusive, entrance by invitation only pathway, is designed for professionals driving organizational strategy to enhance their skill set and complement their career with the CGMA designation and Fellowship from the most exclusive Management Accountants fraternity in the world.

Invitees of this program get the opportunity to go through a comprehensive learning experience and will get evaluated and recognized for their learnings through a globally recognized case study exam. This exam will focus on the application of strategic management accounting techniques to analyse, recommend and support decisions areas that fall within the scope of C-Suite level leaders. 

This programme is open to all CFOs, CEOs and senior management who wish to enhance their professional standing with the CIMA professional qualification. CIMA, being the resilient and agile organization it is reputed to be, has made sure the candidates get an uninterrupted learning experience by using its vast amount of resources apt for the times. 

The programme is based on CIMA’s most sought after competency framework. The competency framework reflects our findings on how finance professionals are expected to apply technical skills such as accounting and finance skills within the context of the business/ organizations in which they operate. It also includes how technology and a digital mindset will be required to influence their own decisions, actions and behaviours and those of their colleagues within the wider organisation. To be able to do this, five sets of skills have been identified — technical accounting and finance skills; business skills; people skills; leadership skills and digital skills — and a digital mindset as well as ethics, integrity and professionalism underpinning the skills.

Be a relevant leader

Enhance your skill sets in leadership, people and business and:

  • Build the confidence to lead an agile organization that is fit for purpose in the digital age.
  • Be a strong leader with a broader skill set to influence and inspire those around you.
  • Possess the tools to become a strategic business partner with good decision-making skills to create value for your company.
  • Sharpen your skills in providing relevant insights for your organisation to stay future-focused.
  • Unique opportunity to network with peers around the world.
  • Get access to a world-class international trainer with a proven track record in running this programme in the Asia Pacific region.

Networking and connections

The valuable networking and knowledge sharing experience among the candidates in the same cohort has been one of the most valued aspects of this programme. Even with the covid-19 challenges, CIMA made sure this aspect of the learning programme remained, through the use of technology and the occasional meet-up with all the safety precautions followed.

Launch of CIMA C-Suite Alumni Club (CCAC)

With the increased popularity of the programme and on request of the Alumni of the programme, CIMA launched the CIMA C-Suite Alumni Club (CCAC) in December 2020. All the candidates who successfully complete the program and obtain membership with CIMA are automatically entitled for the CCAC membership. The alumni club is formed with the intention of carrying out the learning and the networking which the candidates appreciated the most!

Apart from the benefits these members receive as a CIMA member, they are uniquely entitled to benefits which the CCAC offers, including but not limited to, retreats/ gatherings, annual case study program, discounts and complimentary offerings of CIMA programs.

CIMA C-Suite Club Interviews

We are also delighted to introduce that from February 2021, each issue of the CEO Magazine will carry a story of a CGMA C-Suite Programme Success story featuring the member, his / her learning from the programme as well as their journey. We are excited to provide this opportunity and profiling to our Alumni as they have certainly chose the best way forward to success. 

Next intake

Given that there are only a limited number of candidates accepted annually for this programme, we are delighted to announce that we are ready to support the next cohort of interested business leaders to join this exclusive route –  CIMA C-Suite Business and Finance Programme for the year 2021. Contact Kith via 0776279987 ([email protected]) or Thamali ([email protected]) for further information.

Include this in a box

The knowledge, skills and behaviours within each area of the CGMA Competency Framework knowledge areas are:

Technical skills

Financial accounting and reporting; cost accounting and management; business planning; management reporting and analysis; corporate finance and treasury management; risk management and internal control; accounting information systems; and tax strategy, planning and compliance.

Business skills

Strategy; business models; market and regulatory environment; process management; business relations; business ecosystems management; project management; and macroeconomic analysis.

People skills

Influence; negotiation and decision-making, communication; and collaboration and partnering.

Leadership skills

Team building; coaching and mentoring; driving performance; change management; and ability to motivate and inspire.

Digital skills

Information and digital literacy; digital content creation; problem-solving; data strategy and planning; data analytics; and data visualisation.

These remain underpinned by ethics, integrity and professionalism.

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