China accuses U.S. of “bullying” foreign nations ahead of Pompeo’s SL visit

China has accused the US of attempting to “bully” countries over their foreign relations, days ahead of the US state secretary’s visit to Sri Lanka.

“..all countries, big or small, have the right to independently develop their foreign relations based on their own interests,” Zhao Lijian, the Chinese foreign ministry spokesman said.

He pointed out that attempts to use pressure and coercion to obstruct normal cooperation and exchanges between countries will not succeed.

“…they will become the scorn of history, the laughing stock of the international community,” Lijian said.

Members of US State Secretary Mike Pompeo’s staff have arrived in Sri Lanka to prepare for his visit.

In a statement, US Embassy in Sri Lanka said  all aspects of their arrival and stay have been organized in close coordination with the Government of Sri Lanka.

A senior state department official said the US is urging the country to make “difficult but necessary choices” to secure its economic independence instead of choosing opaque practises.

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