Catering the Essence of Femininity to Create Progress – the Chairperson of 4Ever Skin Naturals (Pvt.) Ltd, Chandani Bandara

A charm of a lady is meant to heal even the worst of wounds and in the competitive world of corporate this charming quality was made to be the ultimate strength by Chandani Bandara, the Chairperson of 4Ever Skin Naturals (Pvt.) Ltd. Initiating her career from the grassroots level, Chandani has established an empire of beauty and skincare where an initial corporation catering to a network of women-centric needs by a woman was established as a first in Sri Lanka.

The bold step of Chandani to step out of conventional boundaries flamed the now prominently bright and powerful establishment of 4Ever skin naturals that employs many and fuel their livelihood. The journey that began as a small-town girl from Matale spread out to create a presence and identity beyond the usual gender restrictions and norms. The drive and empowerment she carried eminently rubbed off on the media and resulted to create a huge media presence for the company. With the well-deserved support of the media, the company was able to develop sustainable skincare that embraced and encompassed the traditional ayurvedic ingredients to create an effective and affordable brand. 4rever is certified with ISO 9001:2015, ISO 22716:2007 (Cosmetic GMP), HACCP as well as the Ayurvedic Certification.

Chandani vows that going beyond boundaries fueled her passion and drive in order to bring her to the position where she is today. A not-so-smooth journey that she took embedded her to be the powerful woman she is today. She truly believes the real essence of her power comes from the core qualities she holds as a woman where she can be attentive, sensitive and motherly even in a business environment. In other words, Chandani was capable of catering for the qualities that were deemed to be unnecessary and rather a weakness to a woman in a business environment, according to the restrictive patriarchal mindset, to empower the business effectively and evidently make it sustainable in the long run as well.

She is a pioneer of a cultural reset in Sri Lanka; where her mannerism, as well as products, contributed to making an impactful change that resulted in consecutively winning awards for the brand for its excellence. Chandhani herself and the brand she put her heart and soul into have been awarded the ‘Most Promising Entrepreneurship Award’ by APEA 2014, Women Entrepreneur of the Year Award in 2013 by Women’s Chamber of Industry and Commerce in Sri Lanka, Mascco Gold Award in 2018, the award for Most Promising Entrepreneurship Category, Merit award for Manufacturing at the National Busines Awards in 2014, Emerging Brand Award in 2106. They have also been awarded STAR awards in 2012, Bronze award under the category of SME Brand at SLIM Brand Excellence Awards in 2014, Silver award under the category of Innovative Brand at SLIM Brand Excellence Awards in 2015, the emerging brand of the Year at World Brand Congress, Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia in 2016 and International Business Excellence Awards in 2016 won under SME category, 4Ever skin naturals truly prevailed to spread the essence of Ayurveda of Sri Lanka throughout the local as well as global level as a revolutionary ayurvedic brand.

From humble beginnings to establishing great things, 4Ever skin naturals have become one of the best when it comes to herbal beauty products. Using 100% natural active herbals in all the products like extracts of Gotukola, White Sandalwood, liquorice, Aloe Vera, Venivel, Margosa, Cuscus (Savendara) which were used in Ayurveda over thousands of years for beautification and longevity, the brand has managed to incorporate the perfect alchemy and balance between old and new. With a very good eye for innovations under the leadership of Chandani Bandara, the company which by creating the finest products in all categories, has revived the product demand to a new level and driven the market forward. According to Chandani, It is the superlative quality and performance of their products that enables them to attract and win ever-growing numbers of consumers, whilst ensuring the loyalty of their clientele towards the product.

4rever Skin Naturals

Along with the concrete trust the consumers have in the products, Chandani also treasures her employees beyond anything and caters to creating a motherly culture around their organization. Chandani highly values the compassion, understanding and capability an attentive motherly culture creates in a business environment and the elimination of the toxic competitive structure it implements. Evidently proving that the sensitivity of a woman can be catered to create a sustainable corporate environment, Chandani proclaims that a bright future and sustainability of that future can only be ensured if it is centred around humanism, rather than the binding potential to any classifications of gender roles or any other disparities. The support of the old to the new in order to create a new beginning is essential for the positive progression of society as well as for progressive culture, and this support ensures honoring as well as preserving the traditions while incorporating it with new innovations, which is what exactly Chandani has vouched for throughout her life experiences dedicating to create the 4rever brand.

Creating an emblem of trust and glory, as a proud woman, Chandani Bandara stands to affirm the essence and the power femininity can hold and can be transferred to create legacies that truly caters to developing and service society. 4Ever skin naturals stand as an element that is beyond a product and the emblem of glory Chandani created as a true woman of courage.

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