Asia has become global economic powerhouse and most dynamic region – President

Addressing the Nikkei Forum on the Future of Asia in Tokyo, a short while ago, President Ranil Wickremesinghe highlighted Asia’s significance as the world’s largest economy, home to 60% of the global population, and a major contributor to global growth. He emphasized the region’s potential for continued growth, supported by China’s recovery, India’s domestic demand, […]


We live in an ever-changing world today. No industry, including media and entertainment, remains unaffected. Since leading means managing change, leadership has increasingly become a pertinent concept in organizations. The technological changes, journalism and rising competition have forced media and entertainment companies to look out for talented and trained leaders capable of leading in tough […]

An interview with Dr.Dhanesh Jayathilaka

An exclusive interview with Dr.Dhanesh Jayathilaka, CEO of Xiteb Pvt Limited, on how recruitment in the software market takes place and what the future looks like for software development.

CEO TV – An exclusive interview with Nirosha Jaagodaarachchi

An exclusive interview with Nirosha Jagodaarachchi, the CEO and Co-Founder of British Cosmetics, speaking of the leadership qualities that best helped her thrive as an inspiring female leader, while guiding her team to greater heights.