Navigating Ethical Frontiers

Lakshan Vithanage, the Founder/CEO of Blacbox, stands at the forefront of the digital marketing industry, addressing the ethical concerns surrounding intrusive advertising and privacy invasion. In response to critics, he emphasizes a meticulous approach centered on user consent and transparency. Blacbox prioritizes clear communication regarding data collection and usage policies, empowering audiences with control over […]

Integrity, Insight, and Initiative: The Blueprint of Effective Leadership in HR

Hasanthi De Saram, Human Resources Director at Asiri Health, is a testament to the power of diverse experiences and a passion for connecting with people. Her journey began amidst the vibrant streets of Oxford Street, London, where she explored Sales and Marketing at British Transport Advertising. This period fostered her ability to collaborate within multinational […]

An Approach to Healthcare Leadership

Dr. Isshani Fernando’s journey into medicine was initially steered by family expectations, as she candidly reveals that her parents harboured the dream of seeing her don the white coat. Despite her childhood aspirations leaning towards the legal arena, her academic path ultimately converged with the field of medicine. Dr. Isshani’s narrative is one of resilience, […]

Closing the Digital Divide: Marketing in the Tech World

Dilshan Senaratne, Associate Director (Marketing) and Global Head of Talent Marketing & Employer Brand at Virtusa Corporation embodies a leadership philosophy rooted in collaboration, accountability, and inclusivity. For him, leadership is not about hierarchical authority but about fostering a cohesive team dynamic where everyone feels valued and empowered to contribute their ideas. Central to Dilshan’s […]

The Rubber Revolution

As the Country Manager of Four D Rubber Ltd in Sri Lanka, Sithum Sanjeewa has expertly navigated the challenges of fostering a highly skilled workforce while maintaining adherence to international standards cost-effectively. Central to his leadership approach is the articulation of a compelling vision that resonates with both the company’s goals and the local context. […]

Steering Shinrai Lanka Towards Innovation and Leadership in Home Automation

In an era where technology is rapidly transforming our homes into smart sanctuaries, Nishan Fernando stands at the forefront, steering Shinrai Lanka Group of Companies toward innovation and growth. As the Chairman and Managing Director, his vision and daring decisions have shaped Shinrai Lanka (Private) Limited, propelling it into a realm where home automation meets […]

Innovating Against the Odds

Thilanka Withanage, the Managing Director and Co-Founder of OKLO Pvt Ltd exemplifies the resilience and strategic acumen essential for navigating turbulent business landscapes. In a pivotal moment for OKLO, amidst the aftermath of the Easter attacks in Sri Lanka and the subsequent decline in tourist numbers, Thilanka spearheaded a daring decision that reshaped the company’s […]

From Heights to Horizons

Sanath Dassanayake, the Managing Director of Pabro Master Painters Pvt Ltd and Master Roofing Pvt Ltd, as well as a Founding Partner of Spider Technologies Pvt Ltd, has a compelling story of innovation and leadership in the Sri Lankan construction industry. One of the most daring decisions in his career was leaving a secure, well-paid […]

Shaping Legal Practice At MAC Group

Shiara Sellamuttu, Group Manager – Legal, Compliance & Company Secretary at MAC Holdings (Private) Limited, embodies a belief in the pursuit of justice, a principle that ignited her passion for the legal profession from the outset. With a career spanning across multiple countries and legal domains, her journey has been marked by a commitment to excellence […]

Redefining Luxury: Ceylon Hospitality Consultants’ Premier Properties”

Nilukshan Kumar’s journey in the hospitality industry is driven by a deep-seated passion for tourism and a keen eye for high-end experiences. With nine years in the travel and hospitality sector, he recognized a significant gap in the market for marketing independent luxury properties in Sri Lanka. This realization led to the founding of Ceylon […]