An interview with Niroshan Silva

An exclusive interview with Niroshan Silva, The Founder & CEO of the Training Consortium, speaking on his unique approach to coaching and mentoring CEOs, and emphasizes the importance of establishing clear goals and objectives and gaining valuable perspectives on empowering decision makers for success.

An interview with Thisara Hewawasam

An exclusive interview with Thisara Hewawasam, Chairman and Founder of Ambasewana Holding Pvt Ltd, on his career journey & Sri Lanka’s first upcoming 7 Star Hotel, Aviyana Private Chalets.

An interview with Dr.Dhanesh Jayathilaka

An exclusive interview with Dr.Dhanesh Jayathilaka, CEO of Xiteb Pvt Limited, on how recruitment in the software market takes place and what the future looks like for software development.

An interview with Dhanushka Fernando

An exclusive interview with Dhanushka Fernando, CEO of FINEZ Capital Ventures and Inmarc Holdings, on what it takes as an entrepreneur and leader managing two blooming companies.

An interview with Shehani Liyanage

An exclusive interview with Shehani Liyanage, Global Marketing Manager of Upfield , on handling tough conversations as a manager and the determination it takes to see it through.

An interview with Rangana Samarasinghe

An exclusive interview with Rangana Samarasinghe, Founder/CEO of Insharp Technologies Pvt Ltd & Founder of Insharp technologies LLC, USA, on Ethics and ethos Insharp technologies follows to bring satisfaction towards their clients.

An interview with Ramesh Shanmuganathan

An exclusive interview with Ramesh Shanmuganathan, Executive Vice President / Group CIO of John Keells Holdings PLC, Director/CEO of John Keels IT and Non-Executive Director of Nations Trust Bank, on courage and determination needed by leaders to get through the economic crisis.

An interview with Rajeev Gooneratne

An exclusive interview with Rajeev Gooneratne, CEO of Genxt, on the challenges that arise with being the face of a company as the CEO.

An interview with Nishan Rajakaruna

An exclusive interview with Nishan Rajakaruna, CEO of Total Travel Solution, on navigating the economic crisis that plagues Sri Lanka.

An interview with Anushka Bandara

An exclusive interview with Anushka Bandara, CEO of Elegant Media , on the role of IT service exporters in boosting the Sri Lankan economy.