The Consumer Affairs Authority says all traders, manufacturers, store owners, importers and distributors are required to display the maximum retail price, weight or volume and the date of manufacture and other details of the products they intend to sell or distribute.

This was announced in a special gazette notification issued by the CAA Chairman Shantha Dissanayake on Wednesday (June 29).

According to the communiqué, the directive comes into effect from the 28th of July.

Thereby, selling, storing, importing, producing, distributing, packing or repacking of products that do not display the following details on commercial goods is not permitted hereafter:

1. Maximum retail price
2. Weight or volume
3. Date of manufacture and date of packing if re-packing
4. Date of expiry/ best before use/ active period (except for the goods which do not expire)
5. Batch or code number
6. Name, registered address and contact number of the manufacturer
7. If imported, the name of the country, and the name, address and contact number/website of the issuer or importer