A Gazette Extraordinary has been issued by the Consumer Affairs Authority (CAA) imposing several conditions on the import, storing, marketing or selling of 48 items. 

It has been issue by the Chairman of the CAA as a Special Direction under Section 10(1)(b)(ii) of the Consumer Affairs Authority Act, No. 9 of 2003.

Conditions include that goods demanded by a consumer or any person shall be supplied within a reasonable period and without delay and that the maximum of manufacturing capacity shall be maintained unless there is no sufficient raw material, labour or machinery in possession or control of the manufacturer, or where any other factor does not affect the manufacturing process. 

It also states that a receipt/bill in printed or electronic form shall be issued to a consumer or any person containing certain details and a duplicated of such receipt shall be retained.

It is further ordered in the relevant gazette notification that every time a product is sold, a copy of a receipt containing the customer’s identity, date and value of the product should be taken in his possession.

The commodities subject to such conditions include rice, wheat flour, eggs, lentils, tinned fish, milk powder, garlic, chicken, green beans, potatoes, dry chillies and sugar etc.

Also, cement, bricks, sand, steel, automobile spare parts, fertilizers and agrochemicals required for the construction industry have also been subjected to conditions by the relevant gazette notification.