With the key factors of commitment, passion, and skills that drove her to success, based on the solid foundation of self-belief, Nilushi Kumaradas, is a true embodiment that illuminates the essence of thoughtful and productive leadership, guided by her 19 years of rich experience in the corporate world.

Nilushi’s voracious desire to reach out and provide outstanding work drives her to work hard to expand her knowledge, network with others, and always focus on improving herself since she believes it makes her more competent. Nilushi’s guiding idea is that confidence with substance is the base of self-belief that fuels one’s intellectual and professional growth since confidence is a fundamental component for success and foundation. This progress can then be dedicated to empowering mankind beyond gender’s constraints and restrictions.

“What is important is to enhance on empowering beliefs and work on converting the beliefs that limit you, to positive and empowering ones. Confidence is also a talent. So, I will keep working on it because this is the biggest attribute that had helped me in my career and as well as my personal life.”

Nilushi’s ultimate objective is to give and provide the best that will leave a lasting impact while moving beyond the limitations of superficial gender standards, especially as a female leader and figure of authority and direction. Her success and advancement in any sector are contingent on her ability to execute and demonstrate skills that allow her to be recognized as a distinct individual. This philosophy certainly drove her career as well as her personal development, as she clearly flourishes as a female leader while also empowering those around her.

Her achievement, which was attributed to the components of focus, bravery, and effective management, was said to have reached unprecedented heights as a result of the aspects’ practiced constancy. She emphasizes the need of focusing on the now in order to get the best future achievements. As a woman who has acquired the talent of multitasking, she asserts that, while it is a natural trait to have as a woman, keeping attention while finishing each activity should be prioritized over performing all tasks with mediocrity.

Nilushi recognizes that there are numerous stakeholders with diverse leadership styles and work methods in each work setting. “There are many stakeholders you will have to deal with, hence it is important to network and make the most of every scenario by maintaining a laser-like concentration on the desired end result”, she stated. Learning to actually listen to the Stakeholder, react, and communicate in a way that benefits the end conclusion one desires, regardless of whether one is comfortable or not interacting with that individual or group of people, is a powerful and crucial characteristic to have, especially when dealing with multiplicity. This is one of the many skills that Nilushi attributes to her ability to flourish in a diversified work setting.

Nilushi aspires to maintain a striking balance between her personal and professional obligations as a lady, and boldness and effective management go hand in hand for her. Nilushi believes it is essential to have the genuine bravery and confidence to speak openly with her stakeholders.

“As individuals, we may have different viewpoints on any subject we discuss, unless we have the right discussions, we are not able to bring the best out of anyone’s opinion. So, it is important to be clear on your message, the objective, and also to understand the other person’s perspective. Having the right discussion at the right time is key.”

While maintaining courteous and empathetic behavior, Nilushi believes that a balance of honest dialogue and forthright thoughts on business topics is critical to cultivating. This bravery is motivated by the goal of combining work and personal lives, where skilled management abilities must be precisely mixed with courageous professionalism in delivery and perfection.

“Managing my energy is another element I focus on, as mothers as daughters of ageing parents, we have a lot of tasks at home to attend to. Added to this is your work schedule. I have learnt it is important to understand what really depletes your energy and what helps to restore / recharge your energy. When you have this understanding you will make the right decisions, actions and also plan your schedules better.”

The protagonist emphasizes the importance of developing a profound insight into oneself. In both professional and personal life, having a clear notion of what one wants when it comes to completing tasks will assure the most effective outcomes. It is critical to recognize and comprehend the values one wishes to live by since they will guide one’s conduct and decision-making, which will have an impact on others around them.

“As females, our journey in achieving the career aspirations will be much smoother if we understand our values and map it against the organizational values which you practice on a daily basis. When you know your values and your strength, you are able to advocate/ sponsor yourself and have no doubts in garbing the opportunities that come your way. Quiet often, we females doubt ourselves in taking the opportunity, taking that new position, switching the scope of work because we have self-doubt of delivering. Also, we are afraid to make bold decisions This should not be the case if we are clear on our strengths and values. Sometimes hard work only will not be enough to get rewarded, you need to build your brand and advocate yourself and your good work!”

With the new dawn of optimistic change, many industries are deliberately driving to demonstrate the gender diversity agenda; a good opportunity to create a non-biased, boundless, and diversified work atmosphere where gender, race, or any other aspect is not underscored to create differentiation. This greatly benefits society overall. Nevertheless, it is critical to preserve the skills and leadership that must be built in conjunction with the new developments in order to make the most of this opportunity in the workplace and in the community. Nilushi Kumaradas underscores the necessity of a growth mindset as a key to unlocking numerous chances in this ever-changing environment, emphasizing the need of focusing on learning and emerging stronger despite any momentary setbacks.

“If we get too worried with the challenges we face on a daily basis and maybe with failures we will experience, it will not give us the confidence, self-belief and energy to march forward. The growth mindset will help us to learn from each other and applaud each other on our success”

Knowing one’s genuine self, as well as one’s talents and limitations, leads to the ability to better understand and interact with others. As a confident lady with aspiration, drive, commitment, and courageous femininity to offer, Nilushi hopes to lead the change with a true understanding of herself while continuing to empower and serve the people around her, metamorphosing the core of her leadership strength.