Deeshana Basnayake – Founder/Managing Director/Chief Executive Officer of

The founder/Managing Director/CEO of Sri Lanka’s first web-based pharmacy, Deeshana Basnayake began his career at Hemas Pharmaceuticals in 1997. A decade later he shifted his focus to the Banking industry, joining HSBC where he worked for 9 years and learned much in areas such as processing, change management and compliance. In 2015, Deeshana returned to the Pharmaceutical industry via his lifelong dream of establishing an online pharmacy in the hope of making a difference in the healthcare sector. 

Listing the most significant achievements of his professional life, Deeshana explained, “At HSBC I led our team to win 1st place in the ‘Green Office’ project in which eleven other Asian countries also participated in 2009. Starting Healthnet in 2015, and being able to grow the business to where it is today has definitely been the most significant achievement in my professional life.” 

Of the career transition from banking to pharmaceuticals, Deeshana said, “I started my career in pharmaceuticals and only after 10 years did I move to the banking sector. Hence, stepping back to where I started my professional life was exciting.”

Describing the creation of HealthNet and its progress thus far, the founder stated, “The idea behind Healthnet is to give the people convenience to have their essential medication and sanitary products delivered to their doorstep without any hassle of having to go out. What led to the birth of Healthnet is the increase in the elderly population who find it difficult to go in search of their monthly medication and vitamin supplements.” 

Speaking from experience, Deeshana expressed his opinion on the primary principles of problem solving. “It is important to look at things objectively and put aside your personal and political ideologies when solving problems. Also be analytical, creative and practical in your approach.”

“Focus on your objectives. Keep your goals in view when making decisions, and practice integrity and appreciation of your staff”, responded the Managing Director, when questioned about the most effective and beneficial manner in which to deal with one’s competition.

On the topic of business efficiency, Deeshana named bold decision making and design thinking as the main contributing characteristics.