Software solutions catering to new-age convenience is the new wave the world is moving towards. Corporate structures around the globe are becoming more obsessed with catering to the needs of their customers and generating leads to expand their brand recognition. With the pandemic in action and the overall progress of technology taking place at a rapid speed, the process of digitalization has taken over the process of business. As a part of that new wave, Serviceform has established itself as a crucial part of brand expansion, lead generation, and customer care, offering innovative solutions under the illuminating leadership of its CEO and Co-founder, Iranthi Gomes.

Born and raised in Sri Lanka, Iranthi always had a keen eye on entrepreneurship, where she could utilize her qualities as a resilient innovator and a hard worker. The highlighting change that brought forth the birth of the Serviceform organization was when she came into contact with her business partner, Jarkko, when she moved to Melbourne, Australia, a little over 7 years ago. The interestingly unique story of how Serviceform came to begin with the small-scale coffee catering business Iranthi and Jarkko decided to start together. While catering to their clients’ events simultaneously, they were getting an increasing number of new customers, which they found was beyond their capacity to reach and handle. Thus, with the hope of matching their business with the relevant customers who they were surely capable of attending to, the first format of Serviceform came into being. With the expertise Jarkko had in software management and Iranthi’s insightful skills in preparing the format, they were able to create a Serciveform format for their coffee business where they could identify their leads on time while offering to their customer’s assurance of their business. This gradually led to a huge increase in customers, which ensured a potential sales boom for their business.

“Instead of just handing the tools over to our customers, we provide the service along with it and do the entire setup for them. Our tools are part of a serviced package and we actually have some of the best tools in the world for these problems compared to our competitors. We have had quite many customers move to us after using our competitors’ tools.”, stated Iranthi.

Successfully identifying the increasing market demand for their innovative solution, Serviceform established themselves in Finland. Iranthi claims this to be the best and most interesting place to have established their initial offshoot, which evidently provided the capacity for the organization to grow into what it is today. Along with the seed of the initial idea, the soil of Iranthi’s consistency, courage, and actionable outputs has now elevated the company to a trusted level among the many established as well as emerging clients around the globe looking to expand their leads and consumer conversions. For Iranthi, this standard was achieved on the grounds of putting in the work and being consistent.

“First of all, I feel like there is no magic. There is no one thing one person can do right. It’s just all about putting in the work and being consistent. To make something happen you need to practice something every day or make little improvements to achieve it.”

The overnight wonder of expecting customers to place trust in them over their valued brands was something out of the equation, and for Iranthi, the qualities she progressively developed as a bold leader, who had the confidence to face the novice challenges of time, acted as the driving force that pushed her to the pedestal of success. The key qualities being the consistency to manage, produce, and deliver the expectations of the company; developing a mindset to complete tasks efficiently without obsessing on absolute perfectionism; and finally, taking bold steps to expand the company’s networking. These qualities of value and leadership mixed with the alchemy of an entrepreneurial mindset have fueled Iranthi to always drive herself a step further, which allowed her to ultimately reach a place of individual excellence which she values immensely.

“It takes time and knowledge to find a specific solution you need for a problem you have, sign up for it, set it up and then install it. We are building tech and solutions to make it a simple and frustration-free process for all businesses instead.”

With a growth mindset at work at all times, Iranthi has progressed with time to shift her priorities towards a targeted goal where she can be sure to maintain service to her clients with the most innovative solutions. Moving her mindset to stick to proactive planning rather than reactive actions, Iranthi vows the importance of maintaining a prominently focused mindset if one hopes to achieve one’s goals at the expected time. While delegating tasks appropriately to ensure smooth running of the company, valuing the employees with trusting care and expectations remains on par with the importance the company gives to their clients, and for Iranthi, this comes as a priority that fulfills her as an individual as well as a founder. Thus, with a focused mindset, a fulfilling action plan, and a dedicated service, the company continues to thrive under the luminary guidance of Iranthi as they look forward to expanding their empire in a world where innovation is considered the elixir of development.