Balancing High Goals on the Ground of Dedication – Director of Operations and Administration of Homelands Skyline, Lanka Jayasinghe

In the predominantly male-dominated real estate industry, Lanka Jayasinghe, Director of Operations and Administration of Homelands Skyline stands out as a strong female leader and a courageous presence of elite professionalism, striving to do her best as she leads the team to the top tier of the real estate industry. Following the path she created for herself through a goal-centric mindset, Lanka contributes immensely to the industry through her nonpareil expertise and elect presence.

“I would say the biggest factor that contributed to my success would be my goal-centric nature. As you know, the real estate industry is a predominantly male-driven sector, which never deterred me. I was determined to succeed in this industry. I am one of the founding staff members who were at the commencement of Homelands. I rose through the ranks of the corporate ladder by hard work and dedication.”

As a woman of hard work and dedication looking to always uplift herself to new heights of capability, Lanka constantly looks to enhance and expand her knowledge, in order to fuel her decisions to be effective and efficient. With a structural plan supporting her excellent intuition, Lanka always looks forward to reading and researching to enhance her knowledge with diversity. With an insatiable thirst for knowledge paired with professional expertise and outlook on the task ahead of her, she determines the path of her goals through hard work and determination in an astute manner.

“In the current business environment, we are in, which is ever-evolving and fast-paced, there are three traits I have harnessed: organizing skills, time management, and the ability to successfully multitask. All this has helped me achieve a balanced corporate and personal life.” Withkey characteristics basing her approach on leadership, Lanka cherishes her role as a leading presence in the company as she claims the huge privilege of being allowed to make a rightful impact on the company as well as society. In her current role, where multiple business vertical heads consult her on different subject matters, with a staff carder of over 540 staff members, she evidently acclaims that her true passion for knowledge enhancement has immensely benefitted her career.

Rooting from very humble beginnings nineteen years ago as a survey draftsman, Lanka’s determination has always been solid as she has kept very high goals for her corporate life. With every project she undertook, she looked at new ways to do it better than the one she undertook before, and this became her drive and motivation as she constantly kept lifting the bar for herself.

“From the beginning of my career, I learnt the need for planning and good time management. I worked on my planning skills as it was important to determine where to focus my attention at given times and situations. What I learned is that once I improved my planning and time management skills, it was easy for me to create a work and personal life balance because that is the biggest issue we face as career women.”

Striving to strike a balance between personal and professional life, Lanka efficiently plans her routine to cater to her goals as she tackles the most generic issue faced by women who have careers. With an effective balance of a productive mindset and a well thought out plan, Lanka enthusiastically looks forward to tackling her everyday challenges as she expresses this as a key factor for her growth as an individual. While she acknowledges the separate entity of challenges she faces as a woman in corporate who has to carefully balance her personal and professional aspects, she claims that creating a balanced mindset and routine is indeed the main factor that helps one to reach a level of excellence.

“I think all females with professional careers need to nurture their courage and confidence. With this, they could harness their full potential. There are many more female corporate leaders like me who have done it, and I could say with guarantee that it is definitely not impossible, or else I wouldn’t be leading the number one real estate company in Sri Lanka.”

As a woman of great substance, Lanka fulfills her responsibilities with great care and trust as she looks forward to taking her organization to new heights of eminence while she uplifts herself to a status of professional brilliance simultaneously. In today’s dynamic business world, there are many women who are emerging as leaders in different sectors. Lanka affirms this statement as she acknowledges the opportunities creating potential for female employees with immense talent and golden chances for anyone looking to achieve their goals. As the world establishes itself as a global village powered by the fresh era of digitalization, more and more opportunities are created across many industries, and the chances are immensely expansive for anyone looking to build a passionate career. As Lanka Jayasinghe looks forward to leading her team beyond and above while tackling the constant changes world offers, she flourishes hope for anyone who aspires to be like her, standing tall as proof that acute dedication and a high-goal mindset can cater to anyone looking to create their corporate home.

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