In a united focus on delivering international standards of sustainable practice, A. Baur & Co. (Pvt) Ltd has stood as a landmark in healthcare with a history of 123 years, proving the worth of consistency and reliability as an enterprise. The company is a result of the culmination of expertise of many generations since 1897 and has also produced many elite professionals of value. One such professional, Nishantha Weerasinghe, Director Healthcare of A. Baur & Co. (Pvt) Ltd, stands in the new light of the sustainable healthcare sector as a dedicated supporter of the company’s vision. He brings outstanding solutions to industry complications while aspiring to be the industry leader with the most significant interest for their clients.

While partnering with the company’s mission in their overall growth objectives, Nishantha’s purpose uniquely focuses on the comprehensive management of Baurs’ healthcare division. A journey that started in 1990 has been completed to be three decades of accumulated experience for Nishantha. He proudly proclaims his loyalty to the enterprise in return for their opportunity to climb onto the expertise level he now embodies. Making progress from a grassroots level, his performance spanned several designations and roles within Baurs Healthcare. His initial direct engagement with the supply chain management in the healthcare division ultimately led him to be appointed a prominent place as the healthcare Director among Baurs on the board of directors in 2012.

With the initial educational foundation from Thurstan College Colombo and an impressive higher education portfolio, he holds an MBA in Business Administration from the Associate College of the University of Wales Trinity Saint David in the United Kingdom.  He also has completed the General Management executive education program from the National University of Singapore. Nishantha stands as a pillar of professionalism the Baurs company has to offer. His association attending the Business Model Innovation Workshop conducted by the University of St. Gallen in Switzerland further adds to the mastery of his craft which he dedicates to developing with complete effect to benefit his clients.

Nishantha leads his team to establish and develop sustainable healthcare through strategic planning and persistent focus. They strive for sustainable growth on two fronts, designing the business of sustainable healthcare and fitting it to benefit their loyal clientele. For Baurs, the essential ingredients for true success are trust and reliability. Therefore, they highly value and adhere to regulating ethical practices and compliances to create consistency and resolute trust among their customers to ensure the organisation’s long-term viability. 

With the hit of the pandemic in effect, Baurs also faces challenges like any other organization. However, they resourcefully try to focus on maintaining and delivering the critical growth factors despite the obstacles. Many organizations face hardships due to a reduction in revenues or not reducing revenue at all as a post-pandemic effect. Baurs secret to power through such a struggle is its diversification. Their impressive range of investments has benefited them through tough times as they continue to survive and thrive.

From Nishantha’s perspective, such strategic planning and thinking have immensely contributed to the company’s stability. He gives further strategic planning, looking forward to the future vital importance as an essential organization leader. Looking into the future, the company focuses on resource optimization and digitization of their business process as the critical initiative goals. Furthermore, the Baurs will continue to diversify further through intelligent investments that would complement their core healthcare business. The vital elements like retainment of earnings, utilization of profits and productive re-investments continue to be their pillars of strength that hold them on the pedestal of success. The organization utilizes profits, retained earnings and re-invest them, critically analysing future market needs keeping in mind the likely future impacts of the pandemic. In Nishantha’s opinion, markets won’t die. They are reshaped instead. Such the new generation of healthcare is redefined with its merge into travel and tourism. 

The new wave has established Sri Lanka as an aspiring hub for medical tourism, and Baurs stands as a pioneer of the industry, hoping to bring in attention and to enhance the healthcare industry in Sri Lanka. Taking a more structured marketing approach to medical tourism that has an establishment of rich history in Sri Lanka, the company aspires to highlight the nation’s assets to fit the growth of the country’s economy. Since Sri Lanka has always been known for herbal medication and ancient ayurvedic therapies for numerous ailments, this would stand as a critical differentiator for Baurs, as they aspire to establish an industry role model unphased by the competing nations for travel & tourism.