The science behind interior designing is to optimize and enhance an internal space. Interior design dates back to the Ancient Egyptians, gaining momentum in the early 1900s. With passing eras, the concept of interior design grew to change for the better in terms of motif, purpose and functionality. While Sri Lanka had a bit of hidden cultural designs over the years that were mainly portrayed through ancient artefacts and wooden furniture, the profession as a whole has begun to take precedence as of late, with expert and talented designers stepping forward in the industry. 

Owning more than eight whole years of immeasurable experience in the field, Sherusha Fernando possesses an inherent desire to create and design interiors that exceed every client’s expectations. Upon embracing her entrepreneurial spirit, she is now the Founder and Creative Director of InsideOut Designs with a mission to assist residential and commercial clients by crafting timeless spaces into existence. 

Taking a backwards glance into her schooling days and higher studies, Sherusha gives insight into her educational background. Being a past pupil of Holy Family Convent, Bambalapitiya, she pursued a Higher Diploma in Interior Design at the Raffles College in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia. Having attained the diploma, she pursued a Bachelor’s degree in interior design from the Buckinghamshire New University in the United Kingdom. After completing her studies, Sherusha returned to Sri Lanka and began working as an interior designer for a good seven years before kick-starting her own company.

Be it personal spaces or commercial properties, she believes that a great design commences with “a comprehensive understanding of clients’ needs and expectations.”  Following a client-centred approach, Sherusha finds her key to success as a designer behind developing a connection with her clients based on trust, confidence and respect. Guiding them through every step of the design procedure, she portrays her in-depth skills in creating beautiful designs under every client’s given budget, styles, timeframe, and personal requirements. And thus, while remaining true to herself amidst the process of helping clients reach the best version of their overall vision, she also remains committed to cultivating valued relationships. 

With a flair for balancing colours, textures and lighting across a vast range of options to choose from, Sherusha focuses on reflecting her client’s personality in the given space, be it classic or contemporary. Proving herself to be an innovative designer in the domain with an eye for quality and a tasteful sense of style, she goes on to conquer her passion with a forward-thinking, structured, organized and detailed mentality. That, and her balanced scale of creativity and collaboration provide Sherusha with an open pathway to deliver a much more focused development, follow-through, and total completion to each design aspect. 

While the pandemic was indeed a sudden effect on all, the interior designing industry in Sri Lanka is known to have pulled through, especially after the first wave or so. InsideOut was one out of many companies that faced the need to adapt to inevitable changes during the progression of the new normal. However, regardless of the in-between challenges caused by Covid-19, Sherusha has continued to thrive and climb up the ladder regarding her dedication and promises. She managed to deliver high-quality finishes, but she also handed over completed projects on the said time and schedule. 

Providing a multitude of services that range from entirely directed turnkey solutions, Sherusha carries on to fulfill her true potential in every corner. Working alongside the suppliers and builders to execute her vision, she pays “meticulous attention to detail” in every undertaken project. 

Loving every minute of what she does, Sherusha explains that her work-life brings in a great deal of satisfaction. Feeling blessed to be working in a field that permits her to be creative while also bringing life to her clients’ properties, she goes on to express that while the job can indeed be immensely stressful at times, there’s nothing else Sherusha would rather be doing.