An Authentic Audit profile with Diligence and Integrity – Managing Partner of KPMG Sri Lanka, Yohan Perera

Yohan Perera, the Managing Partner, and Priyanka Jayatilake, the Deputy Managing Partner of KPMG Sri Lanka demonstrate grandiosity in terms of their journey and their experience, leading them to the leadership positions in KPMG Sri Lanka, a member firm of the KPMG network, one of the world-renowned audit firms.

A Thomian with 32 years of experience at KPMG, Yohan Perera has held various posts within the firm such as Head of Risk Management and Chief Operating Officer (COO) with ‘Audit Partner’ being his primary function up to April 2022 when he was appointed as Managing Partner. He also functions as the Head of PPC (People Performance & Culture) and says, “Our people are at the heart of our business and supporting their wellbeing remains a priority through challenging times.” Further he states that in these uncertain times, people’s strength and resilience have stood out more than ever. Yohan has also served on the council of the Institute of Chartered Accountants for a period of 10 years and was accountable of the President office, for two years in a row. Being involved with Confederation of Asian and Pacific Accountants (CAPA), a regional accounting body was a part of his extensive experience in the financial field.

“We are a people business. Our people define what we can achieve” says Yohan. Further he states that they offer people the opportunity to flourish both as professionals and as individuals and KPMG is built on deep foundations of trust, quality, integrity and collaboration. These principles are incorporated into “everything we do because we believe that together, we can make a difference.”

Yohan sees Teamwork and Communication as the two most important facets of success”. On the flip side he is of the view that communication is one of the weak aspects in the corporate field and it needs to improve. He believes that communicating with staff and clients/customers is absolutely critical to better understand their needs and it’s a key aspect that would ensure success.

At the core of KPMG’s vibrant culture are a set of values that bring out the best in their people. “All our actions are guided by our Values. They drive our daily behaviours, guide our decisions, and shape our ethical culture. Integrity is a core ValueWe do what is right, in the right way, at the right time” says Yohan. Empowering the employees to have the necessary courage to say and do the right thing, is an active goal of his at KPMG. Concluding his statement, he believes, “it’s important to leave behind a legacy making KPMG a better place for the future generation to thrive and grow in, similarly to what we inherited when we joined”.

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