Introducing charismatic masterpieces of allure and originality, Finez holds an excellent reputation amongst the design-coveting customers longing to adorn their properties with lasting solidarity. Incorporating designs from chic arrangements to timeless elegance, Dhanushka Fernando, the Chief Executive Officer (CEO) of Finez Capital Ventures, shares his views on the demands for interior designing both retrospectively and prospectively. 

Redefining homes, apartments and office spaces for an ample number of years, Dhanushka is very-versed in identifying the ebbs-and-flows in the industry. Sharing his adroit insight on the subject, he observes a constant demand for home décor products and interior designing services despite the persisting pandemic. “Customers interested in adding touches of creativity have maintained unbroken ties with Finez”, he adds, “they want to refresh and move forward,” when explaining how regular customers continue to visit their showrooms amidst Covid-19. 

With that inflow of demand, the need for raw materials for production and labour force increases. Dhanushka finds this to be a continuing impact on the entire industry. He highlights the current market conditions and import restrictions resulting in a spike in prices and unavailability of certain raw materials, affecting the industry. “The overall impact on the raw materials has hindered the production leaving us unable to cater to the demands. Moreover, the current country conditions have affected the skilled labour force, leading them towards finding jobs in other parts of the world” he adds when emphasizing the loss of local talent for the construction industry. Eagerly hoping for a positive change in light of the New Year, Dhanushka hopes that there can be a better turn towards retaining skilled labour within the country. 

Ever since the inception of Finez, the focus has been laid on furniture. However, with the increase in demand and to cater better to their esteemed customers, Finez and its team has expanded their interest to other domains as well. Rebranding the organization and diversifying into several other domains, Finez now encompasses five main business domains; Furniture, Interior, Retail, Projects and Investments under Finez Capital Ventures.

Dhanushka walks through these five domains explaining their significance to the organisation. “Designing and manufacturing of furniture is the core of our company, and we give importance to locally manufactured, high-quality products”. He continues, “The interior business domain of ours expands over both commercial and residential interior projects. With that, we hope to take on larger projects in the apartment market and high rise building market”. Furthermore, he elaborates on the current E-commerce engagement to launch their line of home décor and home retail pieces online, “We are preparing to cater to all necessities for homes and offices such as home décor, electrical appliances, speciality products etc. As we are willing to step into this area very soon under our retail arm, we are anticipating newer partnerships too.” Finally, Dhanushka contemplates future investments, both foreign and local, to be associated with Finez Capital Ventures to facilitate ease and quality for their customers. 

Radiating constant energy within the designing industry, Dhanushka forecasts the stability and demand for interior designing in years to come. “The apartment living concept prevalent in countries like Singapore, UAE and Malaysia will be the main focus in Sri Lanka as well in years to come. With smaller apartment spaces, the demand for bigger housing furniture products will decrease,” Dhanushka reasons, as people prefer spending money on travel, leisure and other personal investments. He further adds, “Our furniture should also suit their demands. Rather than bulkier designs, we will direct our attention to minimalistic and more easy-to-handle furniture. More replaceable products will take over long-lasting products. People need change. They move with the change”.  

Dhanushka sees a great deal of potential within the industry and also with the main areas of business for Finez Capital Ventures. With the hopes that the government will work towards the betterment of the industry, he looks forward to a vibrant environment for business and innovation in years to come.