There are many, who mistakenly believe that having a good amount of savings and investments eliminates the need for life insurance. But how adequately prepared are you for global catastrophes and financial hardships you never saw coming? Can your family business or assets continue to provide for your family in the long run?

Take COVID-19 for example. Never before have we seen such palpable value placed on life at a global scale. Income losses across the board have been detrimental and unprecedented. The mortality protection gap too has risen. In the US alone, Google Search traffic for “life insurance” jumped 50% between March and May in 2020 compared with the same period in 2019 (1). The industry research firm Limra reported the biggest gain in life insurance sales since 1983. Many who already have life insurance in place, are now revisiting them to make sure they are still relevant.

With rising global temperatures making headlines, the threat of climate change on life and financial markets too has spiked. We can no longer hold off the conversation on its potential to reduce the value of assets within the next few decades.

On one hand, high levels of wealth are often tied up in non-liquid assets; and results in the lack of sizable amounts of cash flow to cover immediate and long-term needs. On the other hand, market volatility is at the highest it has been in recent times. Wealth does not self-insure you in a highly volatile market.

As we look at a hyper-connected, highly volatile world, there is a greater need for succession planning to ensure the long-term economic health of yourself and your loved ones. One way to do so – by mitigating the financial pitfalls arising from untimely demise and managing the risk associated with assets – is life insurance. Now more than ever, it is proven to be a fundamental part of having a sound financial plan.

As pioneers in the financial industry, we at Amana Takaful Insurance continue to innovate ways to close the protection gap and boost societal resilience. We believe it is our responsibility to provide people with the protection they need, just the way they want it; hence the Amana Takaful Life Insurance Policy.

Amana Takaful Life Insurance policy is designed specifically to cater to your risk tolerance and offer you complete control over your investment portfolio. From a variety of fund options with varying levels of risk exposure from low to moderate and high risk, this policy enables you to earn the maximum lump sum benefit for your fund at maturity.

As a first of its kind in Sri Lanka, Amana Takaful Life Insurance also has a Gold Fund option; investing part of your insurance premium in gold for proper diversification of your portfolio. The Gold Fund is a unit-linked fund that allows you to benefit from movements in the price of gold. The investment is also convertible to cash or gold at maturity, offering protection against the deteriorating time value of money. After all, with chances of volatility in equity markets, shouldn’t you keep some reserve investment in gold?

Therefore, through our unique, customer-centric approach to life insurance, we ensure the highest levels of business delivery at every stage of your lifecycle. You no longer have to shoulder a big part of your wealth planning without the adequate coverage you need, to mitigate and diversify risks. With our bespoke policies, we at Amana Takaful Life are committed to ensuring that you’ll find comfort every day in knowing that, the money will be available to protect your loved ones in the event of your passing.