Suresh Basnayake, the Chief Sales Officer of Amana Takaful General Insurance, describes the importance of having insurance as “one of the unavoidable requirements.” He expresses that many companies are under tremendous pressure amidst the pandemic and that the General Insurance industry must put measures in place to ensure its long-term viability. On the other hand, Amana has consistently maintained above 20% growth during 2021, even in the second quarter, outpacing the industry average.

He goes on to say that Amana’s business approach is straightforward and efficient. Considering that customer-centricity is a core concept at Amana Insurance, they focus more on their customers’ demands. This has resulted in sales that have increased dramatically from January to June, and beyond. In addition, understanding how difficult it is for customers to communicate with them, Amana has built a digital platform that has allowed them to speed up their services while also capturing the market’s complete segments.

He goes on to say that product innovation has bolstered their capabilities. For example, Amana introduced several innovative items tailored to clients’ demands and allowed them to make payments utilizing cards from the comfort of their own homes. In addition, Suresh says that when clients have trouble paying, they have taken steps to ensure that they are always available for the clients, even on bad days. 

Lastly, he says that Amana is considering offering a motor policy, a third-party policy with a low premium, and various other consumer-friendly strategies. Motor vehicles have mostly been parked at home, thus charging hefty rates and putting customers in a disadvantageous position wouldn’t be regarded as an ethical practice. Nevertheless, the risk for the vehicle is never non-existent. Therefore, identifying the right balance is of pivotal importance. Moreover, customers can contact Amana Takaful Insurance at any time and seek assistance because of the extended working hours, and especially the 24-hour call centre.