Contributing her efforts to illuminate the confidence of many women, Nadeesha Ranatunga, Cosmologist and Consultant at Derma Plan and Academy, stands as a leading presence in the beauty industry as one of the most trusted professionals. With an acute mindset, impeccable professionalism, and an impressive portfolio of qualifications, Nadeesha has dedicated herself to serving a unique purpose that specially caters to women. As she puts in her hundred per cent to maintain, uplift or resolve any appearance-related problems, she holds it as her policy to always uplift her client’s confidence and mindset along with it. 

As a cosmetologist with accumulated experience working in both the United Kingdom as well as Sri Lanka, Nadeesha provides tailored beauty solutions to clients, specializing in the field of skin care treatments.

“In Sri Lanka, I’ve noticed people don’t trust many in the beauty industry, and for fair reasons. There are many out there who are not properly certified, professionals. I’ve dedicated my life to studying my trade, and with a guarantee, I could say we only use certified products and methods. Taking extra steps to ensure my clients’ trust is what I stand for as a professional. Trust and professionalism are my top priorities.”

Along with the role she plays as a trusted cosmetologist, Nadeesha also takes utmost pride in playing the role of a dedicated wife and devoted daughter. Tackling the many challenges, she faces life gracefully and with a strong mindset. She has evidently made her mark as a unique professional in a relatively new industry in Sri Lanka. According to Nadeesha, introducing a professional structure that caters to clients with certified mastery of the Sri Lankan beauty industry was difficult. Within that challenge, she stood rigid with confidence as a true professional who held a recognition of the certifications by NVQ levels 04 and 05 (SL), AQF level 03 (Australia), ASTA Academy (Singapore), and ITEC (UK). With an impressive list of qualifications and a mindset that is set to strike a balance between her career and personal goals, Nadeesha finds it her unique privilege to have contributed her vision to the Derma Plan institute.

“We can’t fully control how the world works. However, we can affect positive change by challenging ourselves and growing with it. I always motivate myself by saying that I have to do something useful or change something that is not correct. I always search for what I can do to change things and how I can contribute. For me, helping a client with skincare issues is not limited to a surface level. By helping resolve someone’s issues that are stagnating their flow of confidence and positive mindset, I feel like I’m helping someone to uplift their life. “

With a holistic view of her job, Nadeesha finds utmost happiness in the betterment of her client’s appearance as well as their mindsets. Her job is a purpose that runs skin deep as she strives to always connect with her clients in order to provide them with the best she can offer, in order to perfectly fulfil their needs. Creating a network of trust, her dedication to her purpose remains solid as Nadeesha looks forward to keeping introducing and updating her systematic professional approach throughout the industry.

Establishing an approach that runs deeper than surface level, Nadeesha, with her excellent training under doctors, always looks deep into the cause of any skincare issue. With the motive of offering her clients permanent answers to their skincare problems, Nadeesha pioneers a unique approach that covers lifestyle changes as well. As Nadeesha claims, she prefers to provide consultancy that is sustainable and caters to the individual needs of her clients.

“We provide consultancy at a deeper level than just providing medicine or surface treatments. I always look into the inner causes that triggered these skincare issues. This includes guidance on lifestyle changes and balancing stress and hormone levels. As I see it, balance on an inner level is important as much as on an outer level.”

Implementing her progressive thoughts on a personal level, Nadeesha stands out as a strong personality looking to implement positive change. As she claims, all change starts from within. Effectively changing the way, we think to fit a progressive mindset is where things can be revolutionized. If one wants to make a change, they have to be the change.

“We, as women, should actively contribute to society. It can be through any role that would fit one’s individual preference, but it is important to offer something for the betterment of society. As women, we should always look forward to building our independence while striking a good balance between being confident and having a good personality. “

Nadeesha has her best interest in continuing her resilient journey as a cosmetologist, who stands for a purpose beyond the surface level. Her dedication to fulfilling her passion is deep, as she aspires to women who seek her advice to rising above skincare issues, as Derma Plan guarantees to take over resolving those issues with precision and care. From a case of acne to hyperpigmentation, no skincare issue should shake a woman’s confidence. It is Nadeesha’s vision to see women thrive with confidence while she ensures to tackle these issues as her purpose. And for this purpose, she will remain dedicated, devoted, and resolute as a true professional with excellence.