Indula Jayalath is the Founder of Interior Design Studio and believes that interior design or interior architecture encompasses much more than simply beautifying interior spaces. Indula says it’s a process that provides its customers with a set of aesthetically pleasing, but efficient solutions, that can better utilize any given space. Indula’s work on Cafe Noir awarded him the prestigious Global Architect and Builders International Award – ‘Best Commercial Interior Designer’, for the year 2021.

Tracing his obsession with interior and architecture back to his childhood – Indula always loved intricately designed spaces and detailed architecture. It was clear from a very early age that he was born with an artistic eye. Indula decided to evolve his passion into his purpose by pursuing his higher education in this field – obtaining his Bachelor’s in Interior Architecture in Toronto, Canada, where he worked briefly before returning home to work under Murad Ismail at MICDA. With expert work experience under his belt, he got involved with his family business, before venturing out on his own as an entrepreneur, starting his very own design studio – Interior Design Studio. Cafe Noir is a prime example of Indula’s eye for captivating and elegant interior decor. Indula infused traditional space with Parisian-influenced contemporary elements to make interiors that are as exciting to the eyes as they are engaging – he created a mystical get-away to Paris in the heart of Colombo that is inviting. He pays uncanny attention to detail, and is currently actively involved in luxury apartment projects.

Interior Design Studio undertakes a broad spectrum of projects that range from residential to hospitality to corporate and even renovations. Indula and his team take the time to meticulously study the space to fully understand and satisfy the client’s requirements, and to ensure that their design is purposeful and energetic. To Indula, it is critical that his clients are comfortable and happy in the space they design. It is not merely decorating, Indula says, “You need to have the creativity, problem-solving skills, artistic ability, and great taste to be successful – you have to understand the entire interior solution package that encompasses appropriate lighting, electrical wiring, color pallets to finer details that make a space come unique and alive.”With the change in times, more people are paying attention to the value of seeking professional service when it comes to interior design. Indula’s goal with Interior Design Studio is to improve his clients’ overall usage of space in an aesthetically pleasing fashion while adding a little touch of his own to make every project truly unique. “Be faithful to your own taste, because nothing you like is out of style.”

The space you occupy has a direct impact on your mental and emotional well-being. Indula believes that a well-designed space can contribute to good vibes and positive energy, significantly improving your overall quality of day-to-day life. Indula and his team bear in mind theories of psychology when conceptualizing their designs, tailoring them to clients’ personalities and emotions. For example, some artwork can provide relief to some clients, while the same artwork causes stress in others. Colors have an undeniable, dramatic effect on a person’s mood too – which is why it’s imperative to Indula that they take the time to understand their client and maintain good conversational relationships to ensure a mutual understanding that is a vital component of any successful project. 

Inspiration gives the energy to create new designs, and Indula says you never know what could inspire you – from nature and surroundings to traveling the world, spending time with friends, going out for dinner, watching a movie, or even just by flipping through design-related books and magazines – inspiration can be everywhere. Sometimes the most mundane objects or events can induce a sense of wonder. It is a gift to have the ability to see the beauty in everyday objects. 

In addition to his passion for Interior Design, Indula is also spearheading the Interior of ‘Bolagala Agro Floating Resort’ – Interiors of the floating chalets, that mimic a modern luxury yacht, featuring curvilinear wooden bed-heads, with brilliant white interiors, furnished with modern, clean designs and an exterior that compliments the interior Indula and his team (underline is no need) created. Indula shared with us that this design is a good example of less is more concept, complete with ambient lighting that just sets the mood. Indula is proud to say that he used vernacular materials for the Interiors and completed this project. 

To inspire someone is to create an emotional impact that leaves them touched by wonder, and that is what Interior Design Studio hopes to achieve with every project they complete. Indula further stated that his studio utilizes computer-aided design to present to their clients a more authentic visualization of the result. Guided by, “Less is more” and “less is bore”. Indula believes that “less is more” may be applied to some design settings, but that “less” can also be uninteresting. It is the ability to recognize this equilibrium that distinguishes a good designer.