Captivating the opportunity to bring affluent comfort into the local lifestyle market, Gaze Holdings (PVT) Ltd, under the strong influence of its Founder, Amanda Wanninayake, has developed itself into an uncanny structure, receiving global recognition. With the motive to provide the best bedding solutions that fit the personalized and individual needs of the clients, the company strives to maintain the flourishing customer loyalty that was established through a rigid network of trust and has resulted to mark the company’s unique place in the industry. The firm attempts to deliver the finest for its clients under Amanda’s guidance, as they make themselves responsible for giving optimum comfort solutions with their products.

At Gaze Luxury Beddings, total bed linen solutions are offered to its customers while it eminently guarantees to be made with disciplined craftsmanship while customizing it to fit consumers’ exact requirements. This marks their unique selling point, coupled with the highly-rated personalized customer service and delivery where attention to detail is given prominence, setting them apart from the rest. As Amanda claims, “Bedding is a very personal item. It gives you comfort at the end of a long day; it gives you a good night’s rest to be up and about in the morning, and it is something we use in what is the most secure place in our lives—our personal bedroom.”, says Amanda, deeming it critical for the company to understand what the customers truly require. The company stands on the foundational value of selling comfort and security through their products, ensuring the commiseration of an oasis that their customers mostly value: their bedroom.

Another key differentiator that allows Gaze to shine beyond its competition is the commitment it put into being eco-friendly. Using sustainable, recyclable, and biodegradable material in their products and packaging while also contributing a percentage of their revenue to tree-planting initiatives all over the country to increase Sri Lanka’s green cover, Gaze Holdings thrives on uplifting the community as a whole as they calculate their true profits not only in mere monetary terms but also through sustainable contribution. Especially as the founder, Amanda vows on the importance of such motives where corporations can be led to a wholesome structure that truly benefits the entire crowd that is involved with the corporations.

Starting her journey in the corporate structure as an engineer, Amanda made a shift in her journey towards entrepreneurship, basing her trust on the ability to bring valuable outcomes through unique potential. Evidently proving her notion to be a success, Gaze was established in 2020 as Amanda made her way to establish her unique corporation with the motive of offering a personalized experience that goes beyond offering just a mere product to their customers. The unique conceptual outlook Amanda had for the company resulted in establishing the company name in the luxury market as an emerging corporation with trusted and innovative bedding solutions that ensured personalized customization of high calibre for their customers.

“With the development of social media, people tend to live in a very luxurious and indulgent world. They go to great lengths to ensure that life is good and don’t only look at the local market to cater to their personal needs, but also look internationally”, added Amanda.As the world settles into the new age comforts of digitalization, Amanda looks forward to taking Gaze holdings to participate in the golden opportunities it has brought forth. In terms of expansion, Gaze Holdings looks forward to targeting global-level clientele while they continue to serve the local market with an exceptional standard of service and products.

Customers have always been attracted to imported products for their quality and comfort, but customization remains an unmet need, a gap that we strive to fill at Gaze. At a reasonable cost, we provide high-quality products with customization, giving customers better and tailor-made comfort at a reasonable cost. And this revamped focus on local products gives us renewed confidence in terms of business growth.”

Following the threads of their core beliefs, Gaze Holdings remains stringent about meeting international quality standards and providing comfortable and high-quality bedding options to local consumers. Using premium quality cotton in their products, made with superior craftsmanship while subjecting their products to constant quality checks, Gaze continues to maintain their standards on an exceptional level. Their production lines are run by skilled operators who are experienced in several types of machinery and sewing techniques while ensuring careful attention to detail throughout the production process. As a company, they strive for innovation, not only in design and product type, but also in quality and end-user experience, and they are constantly thinking of new ways to deliver better products and provide the best possible customer service.

Gaze Holdings evidently marks its presence in the industry through unique conceptualization and trusted customer networking, which the founder vows to stand by and continue to maintain. For Amanda, the corporation provides a lifestyle solution that caters to the most personalized niche of one’s life, and that remains the greatest responsibility she strives to fulfil with excellence as a dedicated entrepreneur. As Amanda continues on her journey as an entrepreneur, she continues to “Keep going forward no matter how difficult the journey may seem, because when you cross that bridge, it is worth it” while Gaze stands as fresh evidence of her illuminating success and rich potential.