Spreading the ecstatic joy of flavorful Indian authenticity, Bombay Borough is a one-stop spot, truly meant to colour your taste heavens with a mind-blowing range of Indian culinary masterpieces, ranging from street food to absolute opulence; filled with the passionate Bharatian personality.

Bombay Borough sprung up from an elite idea of Charcoal Concepts Ltd as one of their most outstanding concepts yet. The brand developed itself into an award-winning personality, famous for its splendid talent of taking its customers on a roller coaster of aromatic essence. The dishes themselves are prepared by native cuisiners, delving into the very core of its authentic crux, recreating the massive charisma of its alluring inhabitant domain. As they put it Bombay Borough is “a melange of unique ingredients sourced from the far corners of India, hand-picked and sourced from local farms and suppliers, paired together with an extensive wine list and cocktails”

Having situated themselves in Dubai as well as Sri Lanka, the most important step the team has taken in order to preserve the authenticity is by not amending any aspect of its deliverance or presence. While the recipes were kept in their original form, the names of these dishes were also not changed, leaving a true mark of Indian tradition in the menus that are filled with rather unusual names for foreigners, subtly pushing them to question, pronounce and learn a little bit about the Indian culture, every time an order is placed. The well-thought-out menu includes delicacies from various regions of India, taking one on a meticulous journey within seconds. The Crab Rotti, as well as Goan Squid, are the delightful representation of the coastal aliment of the great Hindustan.

When establishing themselves away from home, it is extremely important to consider the availability of resources to ensure the quality maintenance of these delicacies. Indian food is remembered and recommended for its powerful play of spices and debilities. It is a must to ensure that wherever they are situated, these demands can be met since Indian food without the proper spice balancing is simply not Indian food. According to the team, most of the authentic ingredients are sourced all the way from the motherland, taking the extra mile to ensure the originality of Bombay Borough yield. The training of chefs and staff for Bombay Borough starts with the recruitment of local staff, who are then taken through the process step by step, cautiously moulding them into perfection.

Not all had run smoothly for the Bombay Borough team during the past few years. As many other ventures were, the pandemic took a toll on the team by taking control of their supply chain, disrupting the seamless work routine. The loss was mostly felt by the Sri Lankan Bombay Borough team, being unable to bring through the necessary artefacts to perform their comestible mastery. Once the ingredients were finally available, the cost of it had risen significantly, affecting the overall process unhealthily. However, challenges were brought and taken as opportunities, adapting and thriving along the way, betting themselves at each step they take. Today, it stands as one of the most phenomenal piquant suppliers for all the Bharat-loving crowd on this beautiful island. For Sri Lankans to feel away and for Indians to feel at home.

While Bombay Borough has surpassed all kinds of limits and set benchmarks, being a noteworthy challenge to every Indian restaurant out there, this is clearly only the dawn of their success story. The team looks forward to opening their culinary delicacy doors for shores far beyond the home, bringing a world together with an artistic system of flavourful gameplay. The world is not done being mesmerized with the flavourful drive that is mastered and is about to be ungreedily distributed among them. The team invites you to be a part of this uncanny authenticity, tasting a fragment of the massive culinary personality that India will forever hold dear to her heart. The location can be booked for private events, where the clients will be able to taste luscious goodness from their island bar. While you are at it, make sure you do not miss out on the Crab Roti, Smoked Jodhpur Mutton, Rajputana Murg Soola, Chicken Tikka Butter Masala, Kheema Aloo Pie, Panch Phoran Chargrilled Prawns, Memsaab’s Pink Gin and not to overlook the Biriyanis and Chicken Tikka Masalas, since Bombay Borough are fully equipped to shift your mindset around.