Endeavouring through a unique global presence, Softlogic Holdings PLC launched its most recent initiation, GLOMARK, a full-fledged supermarket chain. Since its establishment in 2018, Andrew Dalby, Chief Executive Officer of Softlogic Supermarkets (Pvt) Ltd, alongside a team of capable and trusted professionals, has brought light to the company, positioning it at unparalleled heights. 

Embarking through GLOMARK’s journey, Andrew states that the preceding three years have been both challenging and rewarding. A critical success factor which fuelled sustainable growth for GLOMARK was the clearly defined vision, through which the correct talent was partnered in to the organization. Paying attention to intricate details, Andrew also shares the exciting encounters they faced naming their organization; “It resulted in four marketing agencies and many discussions before ‘GLOMARK’ was settled upon”. Finally, after 12 months of absolute creative contemplation, GLOMARK was registered as the latest entrant to the Sri Lankan supermarket fraternity. 

Since the inauguration of the first store, the GLOMARK team has thrived on expanding its roots to 11 different locations all over the island. Ascending through vivid and vibrant ideas, GLOMARK has become a force to recon with in the Sri Lankan Modern trade fraternity that has innovatively triggered the re-direction of the industry’s path. The GLOMARK team has taken an inspiring approach which has taken their business to the next level. This upward trajectory has highlighted Softlogic’s characteristics in positioning itself as a prominent and an inspiring retailing business across the island. 

This striking incline in performance has added a special recognition to GLOMARK’s history after being recognized as the “Supermarket of the Year – Sri Lanka”, at Retail Asia Awards 2021. Andrew comments, “It’s radically different from being the new kid on the block, continually questioning whether there was enough space in the market for another retail store, to now being acknowledged for who we are and what we stand for”. He further states that the reception of this award was a validation to their bold presence in the market, encouraging individuals to venture into novel ideas and experiences. 

Andrew takes pride in the award on behalf of the entire GLOMARK team and to be acknowledged in a Regional Retail Platform. He appreciates the fantastic group of people who have been incredible in making the business bloom, sharing the same vision to develop the thriving reputation they have today. He further converses, “The advantage of having a successful group structure was a significant head start in IT and HR services, which helped us to develop swiftly and hire industry specialists in category management and supply chain”. 

Like most other businesses, GLOMARK, too, faced significant challenges through the Easter attack in 2019 and the subsequent Covid-19 Pandemic. However, with the robust and upstanding workforce, the management team and GLOMARK maintained a dynamic organization whilst in-corporating emergent strategies to uplift the companies’ objectives. Approaching the global socioeconomic turbulence, adaptation and openness to change was an accepted concept in GLOMARK that led to implementing possible measures like online transformations and e-commerce. Andrew states, “Two years ago, e-commerce was a value addition to businesses and was perhaps not the first option for consumers in terms of their grocery purchasing behaviour. Now it is a mainstream addition to the value chain of organizations and a secured mode of transacting to the end consumer.” when sharing the need to take responsibility in making a difference. 

According to Andrew, GLOMARK stands distinguished from other supermarkets due to their ‘creativity and a desire to do things differently. GLOMARK is adventurous in attempting innovative ideas and views its e-commerce platform as an extension of its overall business, making a significant difference both to Softlogic and its customers. This approach can cater to the needs of their clients shopping in the comfort of their homes. 

Speaking of GLOMARK’s future, Andrew highlights their motive to continue expanding their presence across the island to provide an unrivalled service to their customer’s island-wide. As a result, several outlets are expected to commence shortly. “We intend to open stores upto double digits during the next calendar year expand the business across the country”, Andrew says when discussing the possibility of collaborating with local businesses to create high-quality products that their customer prefer.
Concluding his experience, Andrew portrays the honour of leading the GLOMARK’s team with an inspiring quote; “If you want to run fast, run alone, if you want to run far, run together”.