Rooting from Colombo City and attaining a well-qualified education background,  Entrepreneur and Director of Interior Cube, Nimasha Jayawardena has followed through a  decade of success in her career field. She received avid knowledge through her education at  St.Bridget’s Convent Colombo and later went on to successfully graduate with a Foundation  from the Swinburne University of Technology, BTEC Higher National Diploma, a Bachelor  of Arts from the Academy of Design and Northumbria University Newcastle and also pursued  a Master’s degree from the University of London in Business Administration. Having worked  for several prestigious designs and build firms, her portfolio comprises high-end projects for  many companies, designers and proud homeowners.  

As the principal designer at Interior Cube, Nimasha extends a wide array of unique and  combined knowledge in architecture, design, engineering and construction. This, in turn,  makes her a great team player when it comes to working with architects, engineers and  general contractors.  

As a total interior solution firm based in Colombo, Interior Cube is known for creating a  dynamic space that enriches their clients and staff’s personal and business lives. As a team,  they are dedicated to creating custom interiors and committed to design with excellence,  responsibility and sustainability. The establishment prides itself in combining architecture  and interior designing concepts to find solutions that aren’t just aesthetically pleasing and  tailored to their client’s individual needs. 

Guided by an ethos and design philosophy that sets Nimasha’s venture apart from the rest,  she says, “Personal branding is far beyond the visuals; it is the end image of how the general  population sees you.” Nimasha goes on to explain that a personal label should have the  element of drawing in people “who reverberate profoundly with your style.” Thus, apart  from a company’s advertising components, the brand must incorporate one’s distinctive style,  energy, language and tone. “What separates you shouldn’t simply be about any specific style,  it ought to be tied in with tackling an issue and finding the most appropriate solution.” 

When it comes to discovering her eccentric approach as an Interior Designer, Nimasha finds  it tied with following exceptional selling ideas alongside recognizing customer issues by  understanding how they feel, extracting passionate reactions, giving space to their inputs and  taking a glimpse on their proposed inquiries. “Concerning my way of thinking, I have  consistently been coordinated by my late father Roy Jayawardena and his hard-working  ethic. He generally taught me to underestimate, take nothing and buckle down for your  accomplishment; my father will consistently be my hero and my mentor.”

When asked about her thoughts on the local Interior Design industry and its progression, she  calls it an “emerging pattern in Sri Lanka.” With the expanding attention to fresh concepts,  she finds a healthy extent of development within the industry.  

In the past, people were often restricted from hiring an interior designer because the expense  and effort on a high-level plan weren’t worth it unless needed for a well-used space.  However, having learnt the purpose and value of an interior designer in the recent past, “Interior design has now transformed into an exciting issue with regards to Sri Lanka”,  Nimasha says, “It is being sought after dynamically, as people turn their attention to more  uses of soulless space.” 

Taking a look at the industry in the next ten years, Nimasha believes that the new normal  would cause a change in people’s behaviour. “The social distancing idea will be an  unquestionable requirement in many places sooner rather than later, yet additionally giving a  touch that individuals won’t feel disengaged from one another”, she explains. 

“A decade from now I see adopting a more supportable strategy with the utilisation of  reusable and recyclable materials. I see the distinctive concrete stores offering more unique  sustainable designs and drawing in shopping encounters”, she voices. Trusting the industry  to grow to a tremendous demographic in the times ahead, Nimasha informs that “magnificent  formation of design has no restriction. Neither should the architect behind it.” 

Holding a sense of fulfilled enjoyment in working with new and unusual materials in Interior  Designing, Nimasha takes pride in staying current with the latest products and technologies.  “I desire to contribute to real-life tasks from scratch to completion using my passion for great  development in conjunction with most current, practical and sustainable methods.”