The Chief Operating Officer at Bristol Institute of Business Management Pvt Ltd, Dilshad Jiffry, thrives on innovation as well as policies that are established to keep the local university on par with the global standards of its partner university, the University of the West of England. This effort has truly proven to be worthwhile, with Bristol Institute not only attracting students from top blue chips in the country but also standing tall as a promise of its uncanny high pass rate every year. Dilshad, along with his team, has worked tirelessly to level the academy and practices within the institute and has taken it upon himself to mentor both students and middle managers in leadership to harness their innovative and entrepreneurial skills. His expert knowledge wasn’t just shared among Sri Lankans but across the globe, in Malaysia, Indonesia, Vietnam, Maldives, and India. 

When it comes to mentoring, he incorporates traditions with modern factors, mastering innovation to deliver the best of his knowledge and experience to his students in ways that aid their character development and work traits, among other qualities. Dilshad stands with 18 years of experience as a mentor to students of some of the leading global finance qualifications, such as ACCA (UK), CIMA (UK), ICPA (Ireland), ABE (Australia). (UK), CMA (Sri Lanka), ICSA (UK) and CPA (Sri Lanka).

In Dilshad’s view, the sense of pride an educator experiences by witnessing successful breakthroughs of their students by them becoming inspirational and influential leaders is the best sort of motivation. To get to this ultimate satisfaction, he makes sure that his students are taught with innovative ideas, inspiring energy in ways that their path is made clear and confident in the best capacity a mentor can.

Bristol Institute is an idea that came as a solution to bridging the gap in the market for a practically driven postgraduate and undergraduate programs, which also ensures the students’ skills in leadership and entrepreneurship are harnessed. They decided to partner up with one of the leading universities in the UK to make sure that the identified gap is filled. Dilshad then established a creative, cerebral atmosphere that developed managerial acumen for a dynamic business environment, and he followed this up by drawing in elite business leaders and recognized scholars to collaborate and be members of the faculty. Their attention soon shifted to encouraging pupils to enroll in top-notch internships at the nation’s most prestigious corporations, allowing them to get practical exposure and perspectives from industry experts. Following this, the next move was to install a curriculum to utilize leadership and inventive abilities. This has led to some of their students becoming successful entrepreneurs as well.

To face the pandemic without losing their original advancement, the institute took viable and necessary steps to make sure the students are being educated in technology-enhanced alternative ways. Dilshad believes this to have promoted the tech and digital-related skills of children who are better equipped to face a fast-paced tomorrow that is not so far away. 

According to Dilshad, Bristol Institute is one like no other for several reasons. He believes the institute to be the very best when it comes to equipping their students with the knowledge necessary to solve issues regarding business, theories, and practices that are necessary to perform effective strategic analysis, exhibit excellent speaking and writing skills, apply leadership capabilities to operate efficiently across multidisciplinary communities, and recognize and assess company moral standards. 

Adding to that, he mentioned that, parallel to the above goals, students receive hands-on learning as well as practical knowledge necessary to become the best at managing and leading an organization. According to Dilshad, it is these innovative tactics and a tireless team that make sure it all runs flawlessly and seamlessly that have earned them the reputation of being a dominant training ground for innovative leadership.

The dream and goals of Bristol Institute are nowhere near being over. The upcoming plans are even bigger. “We would expand to pretty much all parts of Sri Lanka and deliver programs covering many disciplines, including information technology and medicine.”, added Dilshad.

In his own words, “The dream begins, most of the time, with a teacher who believes in you, who tugs and pushes and leads you on to the next phase, sometimes poking you with a sharp stick called truth. The art of teaching is the art of assisting discovery”. Standing true to his statement, this accomplished and inspirational mentor looks forward to further nourishing many lives with his art of teaching.