Fathima Shameeha, the Managing Director of Live With Us (Pvt) Ltd and SIT-IT (Pvt) Ltd, grew up under the tutelage of her father, a business magnate and Chairman of Asian Hardware. Shameeha grew up to be nothing less than what she desired to be, having witnessed her father’s hard work and perseverance in gaining his place in the profession.

According to the heroine, her father had always ensured that the company stood on a strong back end, which was always necessary to ensure.

Shameeha completed her Bachelor’s Degree in Business and Commerce at the University of Monash in Australia. Soon after the completion of her degree, she joined hands with her father’s company and directly engaged herself in handling the finance and administration departments. While being engaged in her field of work, the company managed to identify opportunities disguised as loopholes that were successfully tackled by the team by opening two of their own companies, named Live With Us and Sit-It. From that point on, the two companies have managed a smooth sail for the past two years and are climbing to heights they foresaw for themselves. According to Shameeha, the two ventures will see themselves expand inbound and outbound within their first 5 years in the industry. “The journey we are on is to aid the customer in picking the smart choice,” Shameeha added confidently, highlighting the fact that their first responsibility is towards their loyal customers.

Highlighting the objective of the company, Shameeha states that allowing clients to make smart choices is at the top of the list. Given the tight situation that people in general have been placed in with the hardening new normal, people are forced to value a rupee more than they used to and, incidentally, indulge themselves in smart shopping. The management itself has taken steps to ensure that there is a range of products available for the choice of people according to their budget and necessities. “We do our SWOT analysis and introduce the product with the best option in the market, Further PEST analysis gives us a wide range of information to make decisions on external impacts. We established our company in 2020 before the pandemic, and we were able to overcome obstacles during the pandemic due to identifying the PEST impacts and our SWOT analysis related to them. We were on all the online platforms to make sure customers could easily reach us. As a result, we are expanding towards two new projects, such as our own showroom and own factory, “added Shameeha, leaving with us a glimpse of the internal and external growth of Live With Us.

Procuring a wide range of products always comes with complications, which the LWU team has tackled successfully by shifting their focus to what exactly the customers need. According to Shameeha, such detrimental issues have been successfully handled throughout the 40 years of trust their parent company has built in the market, ensuring that their customers will only receive the best. While catering to customers’ essential items, naturally, the market was already hogged by competitors when Shameeha and the team entered. “Based on our product functionalities, quality, range of design, and best price, we are able to cater to a steadily increasing customer base and market share.,” Shameeha elaborated, delving into how the challenge was successfully dealt with. She states that analyzing the customer perspective helps the company identify the market segments that carry potential.

SIT- IT is another venture that saw light with the guidance and initiation of Shameeha. Fulfilling  customer chair requirements, the company has seen massive success during the pandemic. With the work from home culture, educational institutions’ shifting faces and pace, and many renovations taking place with the newly earned free time, the markets look out for ranges of chairs that have taken flight. Shameeha states that with their own supplier in China, they are able to look over the quality of their products, ranges, features, and after sales services, ensuring that customers receive superior products and service. “Our chairs are manufactured by trusted suppliers in China, and every product goes through different quality checks before dispatch. As mentioned earlier, the parent company sustained a competitive environment over a period of 47 years due to customers’ trust in product quality and after-services. From day one, we also make sure to follow the quality and afterward services for each product we sell, ” Shameeha stated. The company has enhanced their appearance on online platforms and is easily accessible by their clients for all their sitting requirements.

Talking about the plans for the venture for the upcoming years, Shameeha was excited to let us in on its big plans. “Within a short time period, we became the largest chair collection in the market.” She stated it humbly. “Our aim is to equip the chair requirements in the life journey of a person,starting off from a school student, until retirement, whatever the chair requirement, we provide. Further bulk purchases, such as new company set up, new college set up, and company renovation seating solution main provider, We are in discussion with the suppliers to manufacture customer requested designs.,” added Shameeha, looking forward to the bright and shining future of the ventures that she clearly pours her heart and soul into.