A devoted marketer with extensive expertise in non-chemical treatments, Dr. Lalindra Munasinghe is the Chief Executive Officer of Brandmunas and Munasapparel.

He received his early education at the prestigious Wesley College, and upon finishing his Ordinary Levels, he enrolled at the Royal Institute Colombo, where he earned his Advanced Level completed in both BioScience, Maths, and Accounts. He subsequently went on to complete his Business Management reading at NIBM, being the youngest person in Sri Lanka to do so. Moreover, he earned his Bachelor’s degree in business administration from the University of Cambria in the United Kingdom while being in Sri Lanka and completed his Ph.D. at the American National Business University in 2021

Dr. Lalindra has worked in the IT industry for 17 years and has managed business in the public sector for government bids. He began consulting on non-chemical water treatment systems registered with the Central Environmental Authority in Sri Lanka in late 2014. As the conventional industrial boilers and cooling towers require a lot of chemicals to get the water cleaned, Dr. Lalindra promoted an ultra-low frequency system that uses a non-chemical way to reduce chemical blowdown to the environment. He claims to have placed more than fifty solutions across the country, which he says have reduced chemical blowdown by 60 million liters per year.

He used to be the CEO of Allied Techno Services Pvt. Ltd before establishing Brandmunas and Munasapparel. To give you an idea, Brandmunas imports dogs, fish, and birds while also introducing fish and dog feed production in Sri Lanka considering there is a hidden market for it. As he continues to work on it, he is encouraged to bring in more dog breeds to the country. Speaking on how the name of the company came to be, he briefs that because he loves dogs, he named his company Brandmunas, which is a mix of his pet’s name Brandy and his surname Munasinghe.

He goes on to discusses the founding of Munasapparel, which is also named after his surname. The brand introduces new textile styles called “Batika,” with a focus on Malaysia as a source of this material. Dr. Lalindra cites his key strength as the ability to start new firms in Sri Lanka. In response to the fact that most exporters in Sri Lanka lack the necessary feed, he claims to have conducted extensive research in this area.

Dr. Lalindra reports he was financially unfortunate given his line of the industry as to how business operations proceeded forward throughout the global pandemic’s spike. He was able to progressively increase his finances by focusing on popular markets such as his dog imports.

In conclusion, he happily encourages people to think outside the box. He claims that these industries are critical to Sri Lanka’s economy. At the same time, we must enhance our awareness of pollution to save the earth. He hopes to enhance his ventures and promote new ideas to the country in the next five years, with a focus on societal advantages. As a proud Sri Lankan, he emphasizes that his greatest achievement is introducing non-chemical water treatment systems.