A Passionate Artisan with Exemplary Taste in Aesthetic Creation! – Founder of Fine Arts Republic, Dishani Gamage

Gratifying the need for artistic decor whilst balancing creativity and passion, Dishani Gamage, the Founder of Fine Arts Republic, elaborates the journey of her master-stroke initiative!

Dishani evens up Fine Arts Republic as an accomplishment to savour for life. Channelling her initial objective to diversify talent in the visual art industry, “My aim was to adapt diversification to one platform and create opportunities for the customers and the artists” she states. Furthermore, Dishani continues, “Although it was originally conceived online trading, today it has become more than just an online art gallery. The scope within services being offered in the world of interior design has now expanded“. She takes pride in the industry while confirming the capacity they possess as a service provider. “Our services also provide customised design solutions to match the needs of the customer”.

Contemplating on her maturing years as a student, Dishani recalls, “I studied at Southlands College, Galle where I was a popular athlete, but was often associated with creative school projects and activities. After my higher education, I pursued my studies in the field of Marketing”.

Stepping into the professional world, Dishanj initiated her first career position in the advertising department, in a private bank. Subsequently, she functioned as a Merchandiser at MAS Intimates, followed by a similar position in Antler Pvt Ltd. While gathering 10 years of expertise, Dishani made acquaintances with professionals in the design industry, and still maintains connections with a few. “Some of these professional designers are quite close to me. Some even work as freelancers with me”, she adds.

Possessing a strong will to own a business and expand her entrepreneurial skills, Dishani believes Fine Arts Republic to be a culmination of her innate dreams.

Adhering to the artisan’s inert craving for authenticity, Dishani views her success to be a product of passion and creativity. “I have never felt tired ever since the day I started this business. Every day is so refreshing, even if it brings out different challenges”, explains Dishani. Her perspective on one’s desire and urge to gain new experiences, while acquiring knowledge in developing a business has always been a great advantage in twisting times. “The wide range of knowledge and uplifting ideas I have come across by many people in my network, have been an astounding support system to this business

Initiating Fine Arts Republic, a couple of years after quitting her full-time job, Dishani faced the stakes of balancing motherhood and professionalism. “As a mother of two when I re-entered the professional realm after a break, I had to utilise my time wisely”. However, pondering on the challenges she faced stepping into the art of entrepreneurship, she expresses her long extended gratitude towards her parents for guiding her towards success. As she takes this huge turn in life, Dishani viewed her time after quitting her full-time job as an avenue towards refreshing her marketing knowledge. “I wanted to explore the world of art while researching on equal online trading platforms. Understanding how businesses thrive with millions of customers, with a mere connection limited to social media, have been a great inspiration

towards the formation of my business”.

Art is a universal language with seamless learning curves together with endless opportunities and creativity”, Dishani states with utmost interest and passion. She continues to link this grounded understanding to her actions in the field. “I administer an inquiry myself before passing it over to my design team. I would prefer doing the research myself. My team views it through an artistic eye whilst I take the customer’s perspective. Therefore, the results in successful design”.

Dishani also believes that artists are sensitive to changes and cannot be handled similar to a normal individual. She explains, “I maintain a friendly atmosphere within the team where they have the ability to make decisions liberally. Having a diversified team is the most valuable asset of my business”. She further continues, “I have zero stock maintenance related to this business. Our website demonstrates samples worthy of customer attention. These samples can also be customised towards the customer’s requirement, allowing us to continue with lower working capital. This ensures a breakeven point even during difficult times”.

Visual Art being a niche area in Sri Lanka opens up to numerous opportunities to engage in. Dishani claims, “Proposing a solution to this context, I believe that we are a one-stop-shop with various art dispersed over a wide spectrum of creativity. It’s never limited to selling a painting!”. She further emphasises that through Fine Art Republic, Dishani paves a path for younger generations and local artists, in portraying their talents and voicing their art!

“Our country is loaded with talents and artistic skills. Unfortunately, many lacks the opportunity to reach a potential market” Dishani explains. Referring to the swift in market conditions, she believes that most local artists face the hassle of containing within their professions, leading them to abandonment. Therefore, forecasting this change during the emergence of Fine Art Republic, Dishani intended to find room for local artists and help fill the void existing within the trade. Expressing her gratitude to her husband, her parents, her friends and the artists at Fine Arts Republic, Dishani concludes, “Fine Arts Republic started with an intention to recognize local talents. Now we continue this mission to take the talents of Sri Lankan Visual arts towards global recognition, while also contributing to the Sri Lankan tourism”

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