Dilhani Weerarathne, Director of RTA Logistic Services (Pvt) Ltd, is in charge of the RTA group’s Secretarial, Taxation, Corporate Finance, and Outsourcing Service divisions, as well as the client registration in RAMIS and the group’s internal administrative functions, such as the HR and ERP scheme. Her management of the business is exceptional, and she fulfills her responsibilities to ensure the firm’s long-term sustainability. She has a track record in achieving the goals of her clients. She is a member of the Ceylon National Chamber of Industries (CNCI) Executive Committee, a Sri Lanka Institute of Directors Associate Member, and a Country Member of the International Fiscal Association. She proudly holds the position of Director of Walawe Ceylon Pvt Ltd and is the Finance Advisor to the leading Edinborough Products Pvt Ltd.

She graduated from Asia e University (AeU) in Malaysia with a Master’s of Science in Finance and is currently pursuing a Master of Business Administration and Taxation (MBAT) at Jayewardenepura’s Post-Graduate Institute of Management. Dilhani is a strong lady who enjoys the challenge of change and the responsibility that comes with it, considering the role she plays as a Director and as an individual. She is extremely well organized, passionate about her job, a team player, a natural leader, and a quick learner. She notes that she is constantly honing her skills to perform at her best in her current role.

As the eldest in her family, Dilhani made the most of her school years by playing for the netball team and participating in a variety of extracurricular activities. When she was 19 years old, she got her first job as a clerk for the Panadura Pradeshiya Sabha. She quit the job after a year because she was disappointed with the numerous irregularities and inefficiencies. She had no experience aside from her leadership skills at the time, so she continued her search for more experience until she finally landed a job at a company that allowed her to learn a lot and advance her professional career. Dilhani considered starting her own business after working for that organization for seven years.

Dilhani discovered RTA Logistics (Pvt) Ltd as a result of this, which led to new job opportunities. Currently, the RTA Logistics office employs about 20 people, with another 15 employees working for the company on a part-time basis. She wants to have at least 05 job prospects per year. She hopes to give back to society by striking a balance between benefits, jobs, and the community. She is currently a member of the Chamber of Industries’ Executive Committee, and International Fiscal Association country member, a member of the Institute of Directors, and a member of the Institute of Logistics. These are some of the compliments she got from various sources. Through treating those accolades as a valuable asset, she aspires to advance in her career, and as a Victoria  united Group shareholder, she has already laid the groundwork for her company to meet international expectations. Dilhani has always been a loyal and honest person, both professionally and personally, in addition to the qualities and traits she described. She is satisfied with her journey and where she is now, having overcome a range of obstacles using her secret abilities.

When asked what she believes are the essential ingredients for becoming a successful entrepreneur, Dilhani says she has a lot of experiences that have led her to this stage. Her ability to think creatively and guide others is crucial to her success. Dilhani describes her experience as a female director in the logistics industry as “very difficult,” since most of the tasks inside the logistic phase are generated by focusing on males’ ability to work hard. She went on to say that she is proud to be a woman in this industry and that she is content to have entered it with a male-dominated workforce. When it comes to gender equality in the workplace and personal life, Dilhani believes that women should strive for the best in both their professional and social lives.

Regardless of any obstacles faced by RTA Logistics, when asked what tactics Dilhani has used to keep ahead of the curve, she notes that the organization faces a variety of challenges. One major issue is changing import and export laws in a short period, as it is preferable to have a stable legal system for at least five years.  Dilhani mentions that RTA Logistics aims to introduce a courier service (RTA Express)  with a smartphone application, based on how the business has diversified with the advancement of global technologies. This mobile application aims to use technology to monitor the shipment. She hopes to take advantage of global market opportunities as a result of these policies, which will bring international revenue into the country.

When asked about her plans for the company’s future, Dilhani says she already has a strategy in place to succeed. RTA Logistics currently works with Sri Lanka Customs on imports and exports, but she hopes to expand her logistics services in the future, such as transportation, packaging, and warehousing. She aims to meet 30 percent of Sri Lanka’s total logistics requirements over the next five years as a leading logistics business with growth potential. She concluded on her inspiration that “Confidence has no competition.”