Well known and acclaimed for their remarkable knack in reshaping business faces in the digital marketing sector, Kirlosh Waran, the Founder and Chief Executive Officer, and Venushker Waran, the Director of Leaap Media narrate their success story modestly but with deserved pride. The venture ‘leaaps’ away from traditional marketing tactics, aiming for innovation, distinctions, and doing nothing less than staying out of the box with the insightful thinking of the siblings, and their amazing team.

Kirlosh is a proud product of the British School of Colombo, in which he learnt to love and grew to take over life for a period of 15 years. He was one of the youngest graduates to pass the certificate level at the Chartered Institute of Management Accountants (CIMA) at the time. While it is common for ambitious youngsters to invest in their own startups, few remain to successfully live through decades. Ceylon Capital was such a startup by Kirlosh who was just 17 years old at that time, and he managed to develop it to be a triumphant family owned business. After engaging in higher studies at the London School of Economics, he moved to Wales to focus on his desired degree in Finance and Business Management. According to the protagonist, this window of time kickstarts his passion towards investment banking, which had him rumbling through highs and lows trying to balance his studies and his dream job as a business analyst. Fast forward to a few months later, getting used to the new normal of the pandemic, the extra time at hand got him shifting his entire life around towards marketing. “I found it an interesting subject, studying how different brands positioned themselves in a specific industry. This led me to starting up my own agency. I became one of the founders of a small but successful marketing and advertising agency with a group of friends…at the very peak of a pandemic…bold, I know.”, says Kirlosh. Having spent a considerable time in the field, Kirlosh now recognizes what got him to where he is now. “Starting up Leaap Media made me realize that it wasn’t the situations I was in or how new I was to this field nor even the pandemic but it’s the right team and the right support that makes the cogs turn, and for my team and my support systems specifically. I am truly grateful.”, says the humble protagonist.

The business partner and the right hand man of his brother, Venushker also stepped into the real world of industry competition with over a decade of guidance from the British School of Colombo. He is on the verge of completing his CIM qualification. Make no mistakes, though young in age, Venushker believes him to be well versed and educated on detrimental bents and slopes that can determine the future of a business. “I’ve learned almost everything there is to know about the “dos” and “don’ts” of this industry. There’s still a lot I need to learn, after all I’m only 19 but I take great pride in being one of the very few that can sit with politicians and leaders and even giants in the industry I’m in and be able to have a meaningful, effortless conversation with them. Personally, I believe that speaks more volume than a certificate.”, stated the young man with confidence.

According to Kirlosh, standing out or proving to the world that they are different is not a part of their goal, but is an undeniable part of their brand thanks to their outstanding work. “Our whole goal at Leaap Media, what we stand for, our mantra – it all comes down to one word “different”. In following this one mantra we’ve somehow managed to have our audiences completely ecstatic with the way we’ve positioned ourselves in the industry because just like we explain to everyone we meet – we’re not here to compete.”, he said. Adding to that Venushker states that the Leaap Media mission is centered around supporting other businesses to grow and evolve into their best and most latest versions, titling their venture as a ‘business dedicated to growing yours.’

When it comes to creating quality content, Kirlosh feels that Leaap Media is well ahead of the competition. Promising their customers profiles that will be widely stalked and clicked on using latest advertising methods and high quality material that the customers desire, the Leaap Media team led by the duo deliver nothing less. Kirlosh does not take this to be easy business with a limited amount of work, but he enjoys the extra mile they take to ensure their dominance in their field of work. According to him, the sweet torture and hard work is sowroth it and totally accounts to the blood, sweat and tears of the team.

What binds the Leaap team to passionately engage in their roles has a lot to do with the team work skills that are promoted within the workplace. Venushker dived into the subject, giving more detail. “We have a rule here at Leaap, ” he stated.Transparency and communication is the added skill set we’re looking for, if you’re afraid to speak to me or the management – you’re not who we’re looking for.” The directors are focused on developing soft skills of their employees, not just sharpening them on their role but to be ready to take over the world as any executive. As Kirlosh mentioned, team work truly makes the dream work, and without a strong team by their side no leader will succeed.

Kirlosh believes that the engaging culture associated with agency lifestyle is one that is naturally relaxing, comfortable and allows plenty of room for innovation and creativity. However, the two pillars ; as he referred to, which hold up the stability of the team are transparency and communication, allowing smooth workflow as well as plenty of relaxation within the gameplay. This method of cooperation ensures that the pressure is not too much to handle and the quality of work is never less than what is originally intended. He is grateful to the trust that has been built within the Leaap members, which allows a seamless working environment as well as companionship where there is a safe space for flaws as well as opportunities.

Talking about generating new ideas for Leaap, keeping up with the trends and markets, Venushker shared that though it is possible to start an agency overnight with the right investments, it requires passion, dedication as well as the flexibility to adapt, change and innovate to truly win the rat race. In this vast layer of possibilities and creativity which sees no end, it takes one of the talents to learn the know – how and get handy with their skill set, ready to take over the industry. Creativity is truly unquantifiable. It all boils down to keeping up with each other’s industry-refreshing minds and pushing oneself and the organization to update and enhance every day. “I personally believe that it takes the right set of individuals with different ideas and outlooks of what the world has to offer and how we can use every single creative aspect of it to our full potential. In my opinion that’s what makes marketing special and that’s how I intend to generate and move forward with the new ideas and aspects that are in store for Leaap media’s future.” stated Venushker, concluding the discussion about the pair who are very well on their world to taking over global stages.